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it is early and i am not dead

Okay, so I didn't finish my webpage updates. I mean, I'd say I am bad, but seriously, even thinking of CSS causes this uncontrollable desire to commit homicide, and I've been told I really don't have a good insanity defense for it. Yet.


Links, Links, and Links

Actually, one three links, unless I find another before finishing this first post. (And I did!)

ownurshame by the deeply, deeply awesome gweneiriol, a community with a mission. And not just any mission, mind, but a noble one, which I personally tried not to begin to cry when I read.

This comm welcomes links to all types of "romance" fics whether they be slash, het, or everything in between. Anyone may post to the comm, and do so anonymously, if they wish.

*gestures* The beauty of this is indescribible but I am sure includes words like oh thank God yes.

Go. Shoo. Open up your virtual shoe box. Romance.

tx_tart is murmuring about the awesome of John. It is--um. Not easy to talk. As the pictures are worth far, far more than a thousand words. Look here.

And my zen is complete. Mostly. I will say, the coffee seems to taste better today. Somewhere, a bird sings. And my webpage is not waiting for an update. *satisfied*

And what we've all been waiting for practically forever, or at least since last year....

Remix Redux 6 opened for sign-ups. There's been some change in the rules, so read through and sign-up.
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