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update before my hands try to kill me


I have updated recs! Except not all of them. Because I can't feel my fingers anymore. I have lost the fingerprint on my index finger due to the laptop's touchpad and eight to ten hours of coding and redoing the CSS for four pages on my website.

Okay, the thing is? All I was going to do was split Sheppard/McKay up from Gen and Other Pairing, because wow, that page got long. Did anyone know it got that long? How on earth was it usable? Anyway, I pulled the other and gen out and got them each their own page and thought, well, while I'm here, let's fix that thing.

Ten hours later...

(This is a dramatic bit of foreshadowing to tempt you to click the cut, expecting something fascinating. It's a total lie, though, but do tell me if it worked?)

Ten hours later, I had new style sheet and three redesigned pages (the main rec.html I seriously hate, but that's going to have to wait until I overhaul all the indexes on my site, because, hi, I'm a little OCD and it's going to drive me nuts if all the indexes don't match.

God I hate div. It's an unnatural obsession. It's like semicolons and sentences with three subjects and four predicates interspersed with verbs that I love so much; it's evil.


Then I thought, you know? I want new colors. Then I remembered the reason I like white is because I went through a black background phase and am still punishing myself for it. So I changed link colors.

Then I thought, while I'm here, let's just go ahead and update to current the gen and other pairing. That's not so much, right? You've only been obsessing over freaking em for like, five hours. No biggie.

And by the time I got done absolute positioning and trying not to open Adobe Photoshop (update those headers! And then I opened it. I just closed it an hour ago), I thought, I wonder if I can finish all of it in a single fell swoop.

In case you're curious, no. This is because I can't actually see the screen anymore, as I am actually filled with some kind of Webpage Mania and started looking at the main page and thinking, you know, this is so very 2003, how do you feel about flash, Jenn? Hmm?. I said Hell no and bookmarked five sites instead which I am totally untempted to use.

Sheppard/McKay is only half-coded, so the page that says Sheppard/McKay is still the old SGA one. If I'm lucky, tomorrow I won't be tempted to do it. But I probably will anyway.


SGA Gen Recs
Added: 29
Total: 70
SGA Other Pairing (and OT3, OT4) Recs
Added: 12
Total: 35

...I really can't face counting Sheppard/McKay tonight. I tried to count earlier and realized I had to hand code all of them and that counting would be a very bad idea if I wanted to, oh, finish.

Anyway. Long winded way of saying, whee. If you go, tell me if there's anything showing up weird? My laptop is 1600/1200, so perspective is officially a problem, since it really can't do lower resolutions. All work was done in the latest version of Firefox. I will be eternally grateful if you see anything that I didn't and tell me.

I'm honestly not sure what to do about the screen problem to make it look standard for everyone and not look tiny on my laptop. I've switched between em and percentage and pixel to try and get a set size that works. I do not care what purists say--I miss tables and Jesus, what does CSS have against centering? I'm tempted to go read again about overflow and give my self some kind of heart attack, because last time I tried to advance my knowledge, I later tried to drink myself to amnesia to forget the horror.

And wasn't that a fascinating digression? I need to work in a porn shop. I would haev better stories.

SGA Ows Me

Well, that was good for me. Good for you? More later, when my fingers are not burning in pain.
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