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The Toybox

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recs redux- movieverse
children of dune - leto 1
Because I was reccing these to Te tonight, having completely forgot about them while looking up stories that RivkaT asked that satisfied my thing for True Romance, so to speak. You know, the really scary, sociopathic, unheathy kind.

Which these stories aren't. Or are. Whatever. They're great anyway. And also Must Reads. Nothing fluffy going on here, though, so consider yourself warned. Partial list. Wow, it's been a LONG time since I updated my movieverse recs. Huh.

Out of the Cold by charon

Edge by charon

Save the Last Dance For Me by darkstar

Random by jengrrl

The Box Room by bishclone

One day, I'll do some boring, droning commentary on them, but for now, leave with this. These are stories I can quote lines and the plotlines from memory. Yes, they really ARE that good.

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Save the Last Dance

Thanks for re-reccing this one. I know the last 1/3 by heart, but always forget the entire plot or how to find it.
Mmmm....the good, sad recs.
~~margeaux may

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