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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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post rec!
children of dune - leto 1
Because those of us who were not drowned in love and affection and chocolate yesterday--well, this will make us feel better. As we were not here.

Valentine's Day at a Sex Shop

“I used to be a Girl Scout,” I say.

“Girl Scout?”


“Like, Brownies, and stuff?”

“Yeah, except I did the whole thing – Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, and Seniors. I was a Girl Scout until I graduated from high school. I went hiking and earned patches and... I volunteered at a nursing home.” I look back down at the vibrators. “Somewhere, something changed.”

Also, below cut:

And then the comments.

I'm thinking on this. On one hand--community, and I have no idea if posting in communities have a brevity standard.

On the other; seriously? I thought we were supposed to strive to be interesting. Or at least, you know, format and all.

The internet, she confuses me.

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...okay that's weird because I KNOW THAT COMMENTOR.

Hee! RL or Online?

I was all freaked out because--God. Interesting is good! Formatting is good!. NO TEXT WALL OF EVIL.

Just. Gah.

IRL, we haven't seen each other for a while (will probably in april actually) but he's on my flist and everything. Woah. Also? He's being an asshole. Two pages of funny + costumer being stupid. That's not tl:dr

I went to their journal and saw you friended and wondered whether it was IRL.

That makes the entire exchange even more amusing :)

Heh. I'm amused byt his LJ. It makes sense with his tl;dr complaint ;)

And suddenly, my day got much better.

I want a riding crop.

Wow. Wank re: length notwithstanding, that post was hysterical. Reminds me of a blog I used to read years ago written by a woman working at a porn video store.

I get the tl;dr thing, since it's a comm, but from what I can tell, it's cut-tagged, and not any longer on the main page than any of the other posts. Maybe it wasn't originally cut-tagged, I don't know. I wouldn't have personally cared, because I thought it was well-written and funny in a "thank you Jesus that I no longer have to work retail EVER AGAIN" kind of way.

That comm is big enough that someone's going to whine no matter what, really. It's wankbait. Great post, though.

God I love that comm. Someday I'll have to join to post tales from my 7-11 days, or better yet, Tales From Working in a Head Shop on the Drag days. Good times. /sarcasm

The commentor? Is an ass, and needs an attitude adjustment. Preferably from Bam.

I know that sex shop. It's very nice.

Thank you for linking to the c_w post, that was hysterical!

Thanks for that link!

I was a Brownie dropout. Not so much for the group activities in those days.

Junior scout dropout myself. Funny as heck. I know a few people who have worked in sex shops. It wasn't the customers so much as the "booths" that got old, apparently.

I want a riding crop with a red heart on it. That was a great little story. thanks for pointing it out.

Hee! Thanks for that link... loved the post... loved the whining commenter's smack downs too...

I'd love to post there but I figure our customers, erm, clients are still covered by legal privilege... :(

But my favorite 0.o client comment?

"I stabbed her before and she didn't die."

the fuckwad's serving major time now...

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