Seperis (seperis) wrote,

seriously. am i awake?

My morning so far:

chopchica: hey, i bet, deep down in your sould (or possibly right on top), you are still VERY BITTER about the burrito!
chopchica: not to mention the part where i basically trained you to become an expert in dragon rape!
seperis: I am not yet an expert in dragon rape.
chopchica: but you will be! especially after you write the definitive story!
chopchica: where rodney saves them all from the wraith by coming up with a probability theory involving DRAGON RAPE

...I cannot possibly be awake yet. I feel vaguely like this has something to do with ladycat777 and my external hard drive (still in the freezer, because now that i know what is wrong, I can't figure out if it's okay to defrost it now or wait until I get an enclosure--(oh my God, I put my hard drive in the freezer)), but I haven't even had a full cup of coffee yet.

*shakes small fist in chopchica's direction* Not. Fair. When I'm still Uncaffeinated.
Tags: chat, random
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