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i find zen in coffee and violence

I can't work out what's more disturbing; googledocs this bright shade of pink, or the fact I'm trying to write a slow execution while looking at it. Well, no; I feel inspired by it.

Escalation is a funny thing. Mostly because I decided to finish the second to last Violence story in the set since I've kind of been waiting to write it since it was requested the last time I asked for prompts and I want so much. I'm kind of strumming along the end of Crimes and marking about how many more words I have to go (15,000 if you're curious) and then thinking about Chaya and wondering if Lorne's idea of getting those fanatic bodyguards for John is going to backfire when Chaya's controlling John and Lorne and Rodney have no way of getting to him.

Plus, I worriedly remember, Rodney's safety is because John kind of scares everyone to death. I'm wondering, even with his bodyguards, exactly how long he has before someone kills him. I'd give it less than a week after Chaya arrives, but he's wiley.

Mostly, I'm wondering if Elizabeth would rather ally with Chaya than deal with Rodney. On one hand, Chaya's Ancient and a danger in ways Rodney isn't, and Rodney's an enemy but at least he's an enemy on the same ground she's on, being *human* and all. On the other, Elizabeth's been a cult leader and dealt with the Goa'uld, so she knows how to deal with people whose main objective is to be worshipped; Chaya's more interested in the trappings of power (and John) than actual power, whereas Rodney won't settle for less than the real thing.

On the third hand, without John, there's really no one to control the army. Lorne *could*, but she'd guess he might not be willing to do all that much if he knows she's pimping out his commander.

On the fourth hand, I just really am in this because I'm curious what the Ancients were like if this is what their descendants are. I didn't think about it all that much, but it *must* be interesting. Well, that and the, you know, jealousy, because hands up, who doesn't want to see when Rodney finally snaps when he realizes John's fawning over someone that's not him? That's like tossing a grenade with a faulty pin; it's going to go, and you know it's a matter of time, and all you have to wonder is when and how bad it's going to be.

Plus, I have no idea what Rodney can do to an Ascended Ancient.

This entry was written to the musical stylings of Patty Smyth and Don Henley of Sometimes Love's Just Not Enough.

I seriously love the universe right this second.
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