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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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i find zen in coffee and violence
crimes two
I can't work out what's more disturbing; googledocs this bright shade of pink, or the fact I'm trying to write a slow execution while looking at it. Well, no; I feel inspired by it.

Escalation is a funny thing. Mostly because I decided to finish the second to last Violence story in the set since I've kind of been waiting to write it since it was requested the last time I asked for prompts and I want so much. I'm kind of strumming along the end of Crimes and marking about how many more words I have to go (15,000 if you're curious) and then thinking about Chaya and wondering if Lorne's idea of getting those fanatic bodyguards for John is going to backfire when Chaya's controlling John and Lorne and Rodney have no way of getting to him.

Plus, I worriedly remember, Rodney's safety is because John kind of scares everyone to death. I'm wondering, even with his bodyguards, exactly how long he has before someone kills him. I'd give it less than a week after Chaya arrives, but he's wiley.

Mostly, I'm wondering if Elizabeth would rather ally with Chaya than deal with Rodney. On one hand, Chaya's Ancient and a danger in ways Rodney isn't, and Rodney's an enemy but at least he's an enemy on the same ground she's on, being *human* and all. On the other, Elizabeth's been a cult leader and dealt with the Goa'uld, so she knows how to deal with people whose main objective is to be worshipped; Chaya's more interested in the trappings of power (and John) than actual power, whereas Rodney won't settle for less than the real thing.

On the third hand, without John, there's really no one to control the army. Lorne *could*, but she'd guess he might not be willing to do all that much if he knows she's pimping out his commander.

On the fourth hand, I just really am in this because I'm curious what the Ancients were like if this is what their descendants are. I didn't think about it all that much, but it *must* be interesting. Well, that and the, you know, jealousy, because hands up, who doesn't want to see when Rodney finally snaps when he realizes John's fawning over someone that's not him? That's like tossing a grenade with a faulty pin; it's going to go, and you know it's a matter of time, and all you have to wonder is when and how bad it's going to be.

Plus, I have no idea what Rodney can do to an Ascended Ancient.

This entry was written to the musical stylings of Patty Smyth and Don Henley of Sometimes Love's Just Not Enough.

I seriously love the universe right this second.

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I am so insanely in love right now, you have no idea. Because we get to combine omg!hurt!Rodney, because John has jilted him, with politics and mayhem and the inevitable death and destruction and lots of creative amounts of blood, plus we have Rodney very, very motivated to kill Chaya as fast as possible, at least until John's sane again -- well. At least until he's Rodney's again, at which point they can take their time.

Seriously, I have stars in my eyes.

Lorne finally finds him in medical, in the sarcophagus room, arms crossed tightly over his chest, dark-circled eyes fixed on the numbers of the sequencer. There's an almost invisible tick on one cheek, his entire body a barely-discernible vibration.

"How is he?" Lorne asks, staying close to the door; McKay's too jumpy and Lorne too exhausted to try and subdue him without hurting him.

McKay doesn't look up, shrugging one shoulder. "Medical mumbo-jumbo. The delay between when his heart stopped and getting him in here could be critical. I'll know when it's finished and if he wakes up."

Lorne wonders how long McKay's been down here; he wasn't here when Chaya killed Grodin, only arriving to see the blood drying tacky on the DHD and shell-shocked gate personnel just realizing what Lorne had figured out days ago.

There's no sign of Carson or Cadman, none of McKay's bodyguards in view, and he'd know, he trained them. Turning back, he sees Rodney pulling a stool over to the sarcophagus, sitting down so carefully that Lorne winces. "She dismissed them," Rodney says disinterestedly, turning his head to meet Lorne's eyes with blank acceptance. "Well, he did, but that's the same thing, isn't it?"


"Cadman's got him in their rooms." Rodney rubs his hand over his face; Lorne's started to see the clumsy bandage wrapped around one wrist, the dried stains trickling down his forearm. McKay follows his gaze. "It's broken. She set it before she went back. They shouldn't be in danger; Chaya doesn't have a reason to get rid of them."

Lorne takes a deep breath. "You think it's come to that?" he says, then almost kicks himself; the infirmary's deserted, medical staff fleeing as far from McKay as they can get. It's been building all week, and Lorne's watched the other Atlanteans begin to circle, sensing blood in the water. Lorne had never wondered what side she'd come down on; after all, Elizabeth would give him the one thing Rodney would blow up the city before he'd give up.

If it would make you happy, I wil lwrite quickly. Or at least, finsih a sex scene quickly to send you. *grins*


i have been staying away because my poor wilting flower soul CANNOT TAKE WIPS, but oh my god. Still. CRIMES. Makes me GLEE SO HARD.

*vibrates in the key of YESYESYES*


Me wants more, Precious, yes I does....

Google. Wow. I-- *stabs it* Yes.

See why I am writing about death adn torture? SEEE?

Yes. It all makes sense now. *wide eyes* Sadly you don't have this excuse all year. You know... that time you tortured John for like 5000 words? Remember that time?

Also, hi, NOT using googledocs today. Woah.

Googledocs...oh, wow. Um...I can actually totally see how that would provide inspiration for a slow execution. No joke.

This so awesome there aren't really words for it. I mean, conundrums galore, but still awesome. Maybe you could combine the Duranda(?) thing with Chaya...I could totally see Rodney blowing up five sixths of a solar system to take out a rival for John's affections. And John would probably be really touched.

You should know by now that I totally adore pretty much everything you write in this fandom and it's not like I don't trust you.

But . . . hmmm. I don't know how to say this without being totally bitchy and critical and judgmental and that's totally not where I want to be coming from. This is just a hesitation I have in general not me making some judgment from on high about you or anything.

Chaya fic makes me really, really uncomfortable. The woman as the evil third wheel that's the only obstacle to totally true thankfully vagina-free gay gay love thing that pops up so often in fanfic makes me cringe a bit. It bothers me with Chaya especially simply because there's this need to demonize her connection with John not only because it keeps him pure for Rodney (since he's Rodney's possession and all) but because John's connection with her violates this idea that John is this painful and broken loner who avoids all contact. I know that's not where you are coming from. I know that. And in this story everyone's been made to be evil, so yes, yes, no one is being demonized in particular. But I do have to say that if Chaya is being introduced just to be an obstacle to the John/Rodney, I kind of hopes she wins that fight.

On the other hand, I might just be being contrary and you could possibly just ignore this whole thing.

Hmm. I can definitely see your point and I agree--well. Hmm. Let me get back to you after work and class today? It's a little--not so much complicated as difficult to explain.

In any case, seriously, if it isn't your cup of tea, I would never take it personally. I'll get back to you. I do have reasons, but I'm not sure they contradict anything you said here specifically.

If you want to discuss it more, I'd love to, but it's not like I'm so presumptuous that you think you have to explain yourself to me. I definitely am uncomfortable with the treatment of women in this fandom at times--though that's sometimes more to do with the whole pattern of wishing Elizabeth off to the cornfield so we can happily bow down to our new male overlords, or the way John's obvious friendship with Teyla is ignored so the only person who ever "sees" him is Rodney. But there is a certain level of just personal interpretation that is particular to me. With Chaya my distaste for the treatment of women is tied up in my distaste for the treatment of John as Rodney's personal property to do with as he pleases. And part of my dislike of woman as third wheel in John/Rodney is my absolute distaste for Rodney the victim. Victim Rodney is my absolute tried and true line in the sand and I cross it for no one, so it's not like I'm not coming to this without some admitted personal prejudice. And really, again, as you say I can simply not read it if it's not my cup of tea.

Well, Rodney could always force Chaya to ascend. I'm thinking in the end she's kind of a coward, so she'd avoid death by nuclear reaction by ascending rather than stay and continue to control John.

And then, of course, Rodney would sic John on anyway who wasn't *appropriately* worried about Chaya, *cough* Elizabeth *cough*.

Mmmmmm....Crimes universe. How I love it!

Weeeellll... There is the ascension machine. I totally would not put it past Rodney to ascend just so he could kick her ass and get John back, and then de-ascend. And if that didn't work, since this is Rodney going for broke, I also wouldn't put it past him to make a deal with the Ori, with certain hands-off provisions, to get what he wants. That way he could get rid of Weir at the same time as gain his man back. And John? Wouldn't want to be in his place when all hell breaks lose.

Oh, Rodney could be very creative when prompted. He might event a whole new form of keeping energy contain, just to trap her inside it, like the ancients did with the black-energy cloud.

He could invent new laws of physics to get rid of her. Seriously. He so would!

I love where you're taking this and can't wait to see more :)

Your brain is evil and dark and twisted and I want to bake it cookies. Evil, dark, twisted, delicious cookies.

Any Valentine's Day (or any day at all) when you are musing on Crimes-verse is a happy, happy Valentine's Day for us.

Ah, but though Rodney is limited by being human, perhaps being human is exactly what will help him win in the end? Or, conversely, the fact Chaya wants John might be her achilles heel that Rodney can exploit, since are Ancients supposed to want things/people?

What lovely and twisted questions you give us to ponder.:) Hope you have a day full of non-bright-pink love.

First: Ooooh, on the idea for Crimes.

Second: Happy Valentine's Day!

Thank you so much for the awesome that you bring to my f-list! *hugs and kisses you*

Escalation is a funny thing.

I read that as Ejaculation is a funny thing. Too much NC-17 slash? Nah...

I have no idea what Rodney can do to an Ascended Ancient.

Isn't part of the background of Rodney in Crimes that he invented ZPM bombs to destroy whole planets? So, considerably more advanced in working with applications of zero point energy than canon Rodney. Kvasir (or some other Asgard, they all look alike to me) described Merlin's Ori-zapping weapon as similar to a ZPM but calibrated to exactly counterbalance and cancel out the waveform of energy ascended beings are composed of.

Point of order: My understanding of Chaya Sar is that she was an Ancient who ascended many, many thousands of years ago and was punished more recently for being too benevolently protective of her people. Do the divergences of your AU from canon go back far enough in time to result in different motives/character for her? Is there a new Crimes story that I've missed where she makes an appearance?

I haven't read any of Crimes of Humanity, mainly because it's a long WIP in a fandom I'm not actually in and the canon for which I only started viewing about a year or two ago and am now no longer following. (Though my ignorance of s4 probably won't be applicable to a WIP started well before then, since I'm assuming major AU by now. Anyway.)

Your above ponderings make me really interested in checking it out now.

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