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universal constants are not so much

The problem with my entire hypothesis is, I didn't document when I was drinking diet soda regularly. OTOH, I have my chat logs with svmadelyn when I was talking about this Mysterious Rough Rashy Thing that was freaking me out on my face. It looked fine but felt a great deal like when I accidentally mildly acid-burned myself with this face stuff, and seriously, mock if you want, I mock myself when I think about it. Cortisone took care of it in a few days and that was around the time I was All Diet Coke, Let Me Die Time.

But Diet Pepsi Maximum (it's with ginseng?), and a day or two later, it's back. Stopped drinking, is shrinking and vanishing.

My body is up to something here. I don't know what. But I swear to God if end up in a bubble with only my laptop, or eating vegan raw foods only, something is going to break, and it might be my sanity. I haven't heard good things about total breaks from reality very often.

Also, hi. I'm bored. While working. Anything interesting going on? *hopeful*

Also, is there a scientific law covering probability in physics? I'm not even sure how to phrase the question. I'd like to say this is about precognition, but it's not exactly; is there a field covering the scientific study of probability and odds? Or rather, what level of accuracy is required to be considered consistently accurate in predicting future events based purely on current data? Is there a threshold percentage that has to be reached?

...this is going to be something hideously mathematical and statistical, isn't it?
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