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february 10. 2008
children of dune - leto 1
Found on sf_drama who got it from metaquotes here, which are, I'll be honest, better at getting up to date information than CNN these days.

February 10, 2008 - Anomymous in London....

Okay, the thing is, while reading along and nodding, it occurred to me that I one day want the opportunity to shout these two things as part of a group in public:

Sometimes we cheered and clapped, sometimes we shouted "TL;DR!"


A friend had a banner with "SCIENTOLOGY MAKES ME A SAD PANDA!" which the media snapped a lot, we chanted it for a bit, then started demanding to know why Xenu/Tom Cruise/Scientology hated pandas.

The rest of the entry is pretty darn funny, btw. If anyone sees any other entries on this, link please?

Here is an estimated world headcount for Feb 10.

You know, I'm torn. Half of me feels like I'm documenting this like I'm watching some rare species of wildlife in its native habitat, then the rest of me notices I'm in half the shots I'm taking. Or at least parts of my internet culture are. And that's the part of me that makes it impossible to share with pretty much three quarters of the people I know IRL; the background alone is a dissertation.

And how does one explain the panda without excusing yourself for fits of hysteria? Really?

ETA: Updated late, because I suddenly became strangely busy at work.

From serabut -- About the raids and, in serabut's words, a very newbie-friendly intro.

From elenlita -- The Protest in Atlanta with riot police!

And apparently, March 15 is the next signficant day in Chanology.

Also check Encyclopedia Dramatica (which is never work safe, ever, even when you are on a page that could not possibly have porn, there will be porn, I can almost guarantee this) with updates to Project Chanology/IRL Protest Page (seriously! A page devoted to this!) and Project Chanology's own page and, yes, one more, Project Chanology Media Coverage.

And finally, Wikipedia updates its Chanology information.

A few more links in comments, should anyone want to follow along. This is just interesting.

This is now under the tag A Versus S while I wander along blinking thoughtfully and slowly but surely catching up on the history of so many internet memes I never knew came from 4chan. Who knew?

The British part of me was most amused at the "Down with this sort of thing." sign :)

That entry killed me. I was totally thinking in my pseudo-torchwood-induced-fake-British-accent with Cake versus Horse.

I wish there were audio recordings. *wistful*

If not for the fact that I was in the office, I would have just died laughing. I rather suspect that I'm missing about 90% of the context tho as I have no earthly idea what the... protest? was about. But god, so, so funny.

That is totally part of the joy of it. *grins*

Okay, I feel like an internet!failure for admitting this, but someone needs to explain the panda to ME. Linksplz?

This is another cool writeup abt the London about the raids in particular: http://skeptobot.blogspot.com/2008/02/what-and-who-is-anonymous-breaking.html

(with newbie-friendly intro! God knows even I needed it -- the London one is especially rife with *chan memes...)

Edited at 2008-02-11 04:03 pm (UTC)

I'm on a forum that has probably a 30% cross-over with /b/ and 4chan in general; a few of them claim to know a genuine Anonymous or two. A number of them trekked to one rally or another, and I might have joined them if there'd been one less than a 3-hour drive away.

I'm rather fascinated to see Anon using its powers for good.

The entire thing is boggling; I'm not sure what fascinates me more. Serious internet business as IRL protest or the fact it's exactly as serious as the person doing it.

I--it's so internet it's amazing. Social protest in the language of cat macros and Lolspeech. I mean. Wow.

The CAKE IS A LIE/THE CAKE IS REAL! bits cracked me up. Teh i saw the "Long cat is loooooooong" banner and died. =)

I cracked up all through that article. Just--made of win.

This just rocks so hard. I love seeing the internets become this real physical being. This is a horse, this is a Cult! That's classic.

God I got caught up in this stupid kid's game "This is an x" "A what?" "An X" "A waht?" "An X" "Oh, an X" type of thing from primary school. And I think it was a cheer from high school as well.

HAHAHA oh this made my day.

I am pretty sure about 40% of all references made by these guys were totally missed by anyone who doesn't spend either a lot of time on the internet/or specifically time on ED or 4chan or some other chan.

I like the Habbo wigs.

God, I barely got any before googling--though fandom_wank and the wank affiliates usually have enough to give me context. IT was fantastic.

anon vs scientology has been liek, made of win since day one. \o/



They used V for Vendetta masks - I like. Thank you for the links!

I seriously loved that.

(Deleted comment)
All I can say is, thanks for "documenting this" as you're finding much more information than I could (I get distracted by the shiny links and next thing I know, it's been 6 hours on Google and Wikipedia and I've forgotten where I started).

Myself, I'm torn between cheering on a grassroots protest against some of the world's more aggressive and unpleasant wingnuts, and being really concerned about their DoS-type strategy. (I keep thinking that''s the wrong initials....)

Pandas are ... you could probably just not bother to explain it, maybe make a comment like "I like their use of the sweet and endangered panda as a rallying cry" - give it a simple innocuous context outside of fandom. Because, really? I'm not sure about the real, exact explanation of the panda, so that's kinda what I told myself and it works. (I'm not always the sharpest tack on the social corkboard's grapevine, even in fandom.)

Oh man, every time I go to Dramatica *just* to read this, I end up at like, the weird nipple fetishes pages or stuff involving furries with no clear idea how I got there and fighting not to have anything new enter my vocabulary.


I didn't get a chance to go yesterday, but apparently the Scientologists in Atlanta got the crap scared out of them and called in the riot squad. For their part, the protesters were awesome and did an awesome job documenting the day.

Thanks for the updates, too - I never remember to check the official pages until your posts come up!

I love you. Added! And thank you!

Thank you for posting this. I was the muppet who followed the chanology vids (like some kind of cyber anthropologist myself) but who utterly forgot the 10th was Saturday, so thanks for the reminder.

I feel like an inept intpologist, blinking blearily behind my glasses. I'm soo tempted to persuade someone to have a FANGIRLS SUPPORT CHANOLOGY vid because it's just that funny. Or something.

Seriously. I have no idea how to think about this.