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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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sga rec - Theory of Everything.by Rheanna
children of dune - leto 1
Theory of Everything by rheanna27 - it's going to break your heart. It is so fucking worth it. I'm still breathless. That was awesome.

And you'll walk away with a smile.

Read now, plz. I can't imagine anything else that could be said.

No, seriously. Right now.

(sekrit note to eleveninches: yes, you were right. Right, right, completely and utterly right. New vistas of right.)

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You notice how whenever I rec a fic to you and you read it, you like it? And when you don't read it, eventually Ami tells you to read and you attempt to recommend it back to me? In short: I am awesome and always right.

I alwasy read it! Okay, I have sometimes bookmarked for later.

Yes, yes, you are awesome and always right and I bow before your judgemetn since she has totally not emailed me and now I feel like i am a better person, because OH MY GOD THAT STORY.

I have so much glee and so few words.

There was a half written email.

I think my exact words were, "I don't care if Ami hasn't read it yet, read it anyway."

Oh I'd probably read it about the same time you had, but I was in the middle of other things, so it never got finished.

I've also stopped reccing to her as much, it's too much like doing into battle, some days I don't need to bruises. *G*

Heh. I know what you mean.

Y'all, I'm right here.

Wasn't it gorgeous? Seriously -- ripped my heart right out, but in the best possible way, because the angst was the perfect setup for the happy ending I so desperately needed John and Rodney to get.

Yes, exactly--ripped and fixed. Happy.

well hell.. you just had to link that..

It made me all sniffly. Why can't those ignorant man-beasts at Bridge write something like this? A Flowers for Rodney would be beyond awesome and a lovely character study for both Rodney, Shep and hell, everyone else in the city.

I like Fanon better than canon.

Re: well hell.. you just had to link that..

*has just seen The Shrine* Looks like someone was listening.

Thank you for pointing that one out to me. I've gotten really behind in my reading lately, but that -- that was *well-spent time* tonight. And I might have missed it if you hadn't made the rec. Just beautiful.

Thanks for this rec. I *cried*, and that's something I just don't do with fanfic. Wow - simply beautiful.




I was gonna read this tomorrow because, you know, LONG, but then I started it and thought "okay, I'll just read 3 pages" which turned into 10 and before I knew it I was in the middle and CRYING and I had to finish it. OMG, SO GOOD.

Oh my god, thank you so much for that rec. After today I really *really* needed it.

I'm shaking after finishing that fic -- not hard, but noticeably. I cried from the moment Rodney started dropping IQ points until John woke up in the infirmary. God. Thank you for reccing that fic. I don't think I'll sleep tonight after reading it, but it's so worth it. *quivers*

*adds wordlessly to the fic squee*

It's fantastic, isn't it? I read it before I went to bed last night. :-)

That fic was so awesome. Thanks for the rec. :)

Thanks for the rec. Gorgeous story. I skipped to the end as soon as I realized it was a Flowers for Algernon story just to make sure it ended happily. And then I read it through, then read it again, then read parts of it again and am still going over it in my head. Thanks!

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