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of babies and the aunts that are brainwashed by them before they were even here

The true horror of someone in the family having a baby is when you are innocently at work and think, I wonder if my sister registered anywhere. Then you find out she did and typically, forgot to tell anyone. Then you print it out and feel bad and feel like you need to tell people so they can buy her something. And then you go to the store and think, you'll get a couple of things.

...then you realize you bought two of three pages worth of items listed and had some kind of fugue in infant wear, because there is no other explanation for the pile of pink dresses and onesies you are wrapping on the floor along with baby miscellea that, despite the fact you had one of these, you have no idea what half of it does.

Seriously, the duck spout thing is just--what the hell? And this thing for food that looks like a pacifier covered in a mesh sponge filter?

Please tell me a baby doesn't need a Thai silk pink dress with matching accessories?

Oh my God I want.

Yeah. This is going to go well.

Did I mention I like babies a lot? I have a horrible, horrible feeling that if she doesn't go into labor soon, there will be a tragedy with my credit card. Cards.

But seriously, that dress is awesome.

ETA: I am not looking at Burberry baby clothes. Seriously. They make baby clothes?

God, that's cute.

ETA 2: Organic baby clothes????? I just--helpless--what?
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