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of babies and the aunts that are brainwashed by them before they were even here
children of dune - leto 1
The true horror of someone in the family having a baby is when you are innocently at work and think, I wonder if my sister registered anywhere. Then you find out she did and typically, forgot to tell anyone. Then you print it out and feel bad and feel like you need to tell people so they can buy her something. And then you go to the store and think, you'll get a couple of things.

...then you realize you bought two of three pages worth of items listed and had some kind of fugue in infant wear, because there is no other explanation for the pile of pink dresses and onesies you are wrapping on the floor along with baby miscellea that, despite the fact you had one of these, you have no idea what half of it does.

Seriously, the duck spout thing is just--what the hell? And this thing for food that looks like a pacifier covered in a mesh sponge filter?

Please tell me a baby doesn't need a Thai silk pink dress with matching accessories?

Oh my God I want.

Yeah. This is going to go well.

Did I mention I like babies a lot? I have a horrible, horrible feeling that if she doesn't go into labor soon, there will be a tragedy with my credit card. Cards.

But seriously, that dress is awesome.

ETA: I am not looking at Burberry baby clothes. Seriously. They make baby clothes?

God, that's cute.

ETA 2: Organic baby clothes????? I just--helpless--what?

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That is totally adorable and not that overpriced because it's a big set. But it can only be worn for special occasions because silk stains.

I would ahemahem get Riverkids silk booties as the luxurious touch plus a practical cotton dress but that's because I'm a total ho.

Burberry baby clothes are totally overpriced but seriously, seriously cute. Kenzo makes some really nice things too. Never pay for the onsies - get them silkscreened with adorable stuff from etsy because they are going to stretch and stain so fast it's heartbreaking, but little coats or sweaters, especially with roll-up sleeves so they can grow with the baby for a bit are worth getting branded if the quality is good.

My always new-baby or hospital present is a stack of super-trashy gossip magazines and a box of chocolates.

You could get her an anthology of motherhood stories, something she can dip in and out of that isn't polemic, or something useful like take-away vouchers so they don't have to cook, but baby stuff is just COMPELLING because it is so tiny and cute and then you start thinking oh, hand-embroidered safari bedsheets with matching pillow shams for the crib, hmmm, but really all they need is like ten onsies and some blankets at the beginning.



I am looking at Baby Armani and Baby Dolce and Gabbana. I can't stop. And there's this--where all of it matches and my brain shuts down.

Ha. It doesn't help that everything made for babies is ridiculously adorable.

This is a dark and dangerous road.

They have tiny matching bunny ear hats.


All I can say is, what size are the clothes you are buying? AT a shower, you tend to receive lots of newborn size clothing, which is pointless since they can only be worn about 2 weeks. Your sister will also end up with plenty of size 3-6 month clothes, and those tend to be outgrown by about 3 or 4 months.

Buy size 6-9 month or 12 month clothing. By the time a baby is 6 months old, they are wearing Walmart clothing rather than the nice stuff because no one gives larger sizes ;)

The mesh feeder thing? It's FABULOUS once the child is at the sitting in a highchair stage - no worry about choking. Also, but Robeez! They are the best baby shoes ever.

Organic baby clothes are a gimic. Ignore and go for the cute instead.

I did a clean split on the dresses between age groups, but good point, esp the nine month mark. Ooh, which will be around Christmas too!

Hah, yes, I bought onesies in the 6 month size because I'd heard that about the overload of newborn clothes, and Mom and Grandma were buying up sizes too. (And also because my future brother-in-law comes from a family of big people, and we suspect that this kid may not fit newborn sizes for very long, if at all.)

I'd recommend the Pacifier store here in MN, but they don't have their own website. Adorable clothing (love the onesies with the AC/DC logo and the one that says "Someday, I'll have a pony"). I tried a CitySearch for their site, and while I couldn't find anything for them, I found they work with Global Mamas, which make 100% cotton clothing paying Ghanaian women something like 10 times the standard wage. Here's the site with their baby clothing: Global Mamas

I agree with everyone saying to buy the larger sizes as well - babies grow. Also, don't forget the toys! :)

It is ATROCIOUSLY cute. But it seems pretty expensive, especially for something that will get stained within seconds and be a pain to clean.

(otoh, if you want babyclothes sending FROM THAILAND, I could probably help you out.)

Yeah I know exactly what you're going through! You are not alone!

I bought and bought and bought for my sister's baby and finally stopped with he was born. And now ofcourse I *miss* it! The cute slogans and statements on the onesies, god, I bought the baby a stupid flannel shirt because it was tiny and adorable! *is ashamed*

Now, you, you are a good and nice person. Me? Well, I am not sure (but will know in less than a day when I eventually meet my friends 4 week old) what is going to be made of the pink pirate romper suit or the Disclaimer one ...

Edited at 2008-02-09 09:24 am (UTC)

Please tell me a baby doesn't need a Thai silk pink dress with matching accessories?

You're talking to someone who makes baby clothes that sell for four figures here, so no sympathy. But just to add to the voice of reason, That dress really is awfully cute but I bet you could find something just as cute for a lot less money. So far I am saved from stuff like thiw because no one I know ever has girls, it's almost all boys.

Well, I don't think the ton of pesticides and chemicals needed for commercial cotton farming and for dying and treathing the cloth are that much of a problem once you washed the clothes, but I can see why people who can afford it wouldn't buy clothes that are made from commercial cotton, dyed with chemicals andproduced in factories with awful working conditions and posssibly child labor, so picking organic labels you trust for your clothing makes sense. Personally I can't afford it, but why not? I think conventional cotton farming is much worse for the environment than many food crops.


My sister just had a little girl and I am buying baby girl clothes with unholy glee! It's just...they're so cute...and tiny...and PINK! Pink. And purple! And sparkly!!!!!

After having a boy myself and a boy nephew, I'm having too much fun buying baby girl things.

I can't wait until she's a bit older. There's this
omg! so cute
I want from Neimans for her. And to help you (heh) Neimans has the Burberry stuff. And Ralph Lauren stuff.

And there are these little pink cowboy boots from Target she is getting.

Plus red sparkle "Dorothy shoes" from Target as well, which, alas, are not on the website.

Need it? No. Look maaaaaaaahvellous in it? Yes.


Love, a fellow auntie,

Take a deep breath. Buying baby clothes can be a lot of fun, yes, but surprising new studies show that babies have a high rate of survival and thrive with or without pink frilly silk dresses. If I recall correctly, the truly horrifying fact of the matter is that they will require ridiculous amounts of diapers.

Actually, while baby GAP is a bit overpriced, baby GAP sales rack is very practical and very cute.


Oh God, yes. My sister just had a baby girl. I am decidedly not a shower of any sort woman, but at Christmas when another sister and I went shopping for pregnant sister's baby shower somehow I ended up with five outfits for the baby. I don't even know how that happened.

Baby clothes are crack. Trufax.

Oh yeah, Burberry do baby clothes. Famous photo of when a D-list celeb (mostly known for snorting so much coke that her sputum eroded and she had essentially one nostril) went out for a stroll with baby - and not only was mum in Burberry print head to toe, the stroller was, and so was the baby. Complete uber-chav. There is a reason only tourists are ever seen wearing Burberry print in London, and then everyone else smirks slightly.

We have a gigantic pile of small baby clothes in waiting in the other room. The kidlet will probably wear maybe a third or a half of them before she outgrows them. Oy.

If you're going to a shower or considering a gift - buy a couple of packs of diapers. The adoring look in her eyes will be totally worth it.

The baby clothes are incredibly cute. I still look at the stuff -- especially the terribly wholesome-looking oatmeal-colored organic cotton stuff, but also the entirely synthetic fire-resistant pjs that are made of I don't know what, and the taffeta dresses that probably feel like brillo pads -- and long to buy some, even though my own babies are now children and on a steady diet of school uniforms (him) and cousin's hand-me-downs (her). I didn't get much chance to buy baby clothes when they were babies, because an entire congregation of sweet-natured grandparent types adopted the twins and gave them clothes galore.

Every so often I go out and get stuff my daughter doesn't exactly need, like jeans with pink lace flowers on them, just because I can. She's a skinny little thing, which I never was, so I can't help playing dress-up with her just a little.

I am in *awe* of your shopping spree. Babies are So Cool.
(and since I'm hopeless in shopping, I always end up making something with my own hands, which takes months and inevitably cost more than if I'd bought it in the expensive store. I'm the veteran of several handmade baby quilts, booties, caps, blankets, christening dresses, etc. Currently, I'm finishing up a blanket of undyed organic cotton--I offered the parents their choice of colors/fibers and that's what they chose. It's taken almost 8 months, since I started as soon as they told me about the baby...)

Lots of parents go with organic cotton if they can afford it, just because babies put their mouths on everything and they worry what chemicals could be in the fabric. I would go with something with an Oeko-Tex certification (they test for substances harmful to humans on the fabric, and are especially strict in regards to baby clothing)

Good point. Much of Hanna Anderson's stuff is.


I wore some of their stuff as a kid. It's all very comfortable, and super durable.

yes! that's who I was thinking of. I knew there was a store that sold a lot of Oeko-Tex -tested stuff, but couldn't remember the name... thanks!

My mom dealt with these urges (even more powerful when directed at grandbabies, you know) by going to second-hard shops in/near very upscale neighborhoods. That's where you find things like the never-actually-worn pink Thai silk outfit for a price that won't make you feel like a silly, silly person.

If you give into your desires you just know there'll come a time - when she's grown up to be a Goth (or similar) that she's going to think of you in *very special ways* every time the photo albums come out don't you? *g*

Babies *are* cute but if more offspring are likely, stick to pink for dresses and buy 'play clothes' in anything BUT pink so they can be handed down.


Oh, thank you for making me feel less like a spendthrift for having dropped $20 on some wee navy Converse baby shoes for my impending nephew when I drove Grandma to the Babies R Us and showed her how the registry works on Saturday.

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