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rec - ascension by soraya2004

Flist, you are totally on notice.

Stargate:Atlantis/Star Wars fusion??? John and Rodney as sith????? ASSASSINATION TO SAY I LOVE YOU?

Oh my God people. I hate you all until I find something shiny. Say, three hours from now? But until then, grrr.

Ascension by soraya2004 - OH MY GOD SO AWESOME.

"Okay, tell me how the hell you're doing that," J'hon demanded, stalking over and shoving his sabre right in Ro'dnee's face. At which point Ro'dnee just sort of opened and closed his mouth, apparently lost for words. "Come on, Ro'dnee," J'hon sneered, tapping him lightly on the head with it. "Spit it out; I haven't got all day!"

Eventually, Ro'dnee managed to stutter: "I-- It's my p-personal shield," looking like even that had taken a lot of nerve. "I built it myself. Because, you know, you can never have too much protection. And, this is a new planet for me, with a new lab and new people, so I've been wearing it just in case."

"Huh!" J'hon nodded, vaguely impressed all over again. "Good call, by the way!"

My love is boundless. Did I mention they are Sith? Hello, welcome to my special kink, I am going to move in here a bit. Thank you.
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