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the wonderful world of escalating technology no one really needs a 16G USB Flash drive, right?

No. Of course not.



One one hand, progress is awesome. On the other--okay, how many of us need:

A.) A Bullet Proof Flash Drive (for all those international spies on my flist?)

B.) A Survivor Flash Drive (for all those survivalists with robust broadband connections in the wilderness?)

*squints at the first one* When I say "You will take my internet porn over my dead body", I am seriously not being literal.

Also, ordered a Passport External hard drive. I have no idea what to do with my other external if I can't get it to connect up. Theoretically, one can get the disc out for recovery, but that sounds disturbingly expensive.

OTOH--it will take me a really long time to replace what I have on there.
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