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Life, Universe, Much Less Than That

overheardfandom is up and running, mostly. This means be witty. Ironic puns also work. And post. It's not that I think everyone here exists for my entertainment...I'm sorry. I mean, I don't publicly admit I think everyone here exists for my personal entertainment. Totally different thing.

Unpopular Fannish Opinions of eleveninches keeps making me giggle inappropriately, mostly because my list is long and it starts with every peeve I have on Sheppard characterization and what passes for meta. That's one through fifty, so you see this would take several livejournal entries and possibly citations.

But a. I am no longer attempting to single-handedly stroke out before I see the next episode b. I have a sense of humor, really, and c. I have decided that no one out there is really commenting on my personality type and introversion every time they talk about the evils of repression.

See? Better. Really.


I think I need to explain some of my less than clear tags. I'm thinking the slow creep of insanity and the eternal darkness of sloths are perhaps less descriptive of their content than one might think.

Unpopular Fannish Opinions

You know mine. Sheppard, Sheppard, Sheppard. Sheppard. Did I mention Sheppard?

But here are the others. Spoilers for season so far.

1.) Rodney/Ronon is my squick, which has surpassed every squick I ever had before. There is no way it can be written on earth or in the heavens, by God, by Gabriel, by the great Spaghetti monster, that I do not run screaming and sometimes literally. I support everyone's right to write whatever they want; yay, have a party! I reserve the right to hate it silently and twitch hard enough to dislocate something. I would not even like it if samdonne wrote it and I like everything she writes. I mean, that is where it is.

2.) I don't hate genderswitch? But a lot of it makes me uncomfortable with the odd objectification of a *concept*. I'm honestly not sure what the problem is; I can't even finger the difference between the ones I really loved and the ones that I couldn't read. Eventually, I will figure this out.

3.) John/Teyla ship is one of those that I can't see except in deeply depressing ways. I had this entire mental outline of this fic where after Rodney married Katie and Teyla's baby was born, John is totally infatuated with the baby and Teyla is lonely and thinks there are worse things than marrying your best friend who's totally in love with your kid, so they have this semi-platonic marriage that depresses me just thinking about it. There are Johnbabies! That was like, the only thing about it that didn't make me want to throw things. Seriously. It wasn't even angsty. It was just sad, with no end in sight. Except for the Johnbabies. And depending on my mood, Rodney's radiation-induced infertility (okay, keep in mind, unspoiled for that proposal. I was in a very irrational place.)

4.) John/Ronon is my semi-sekrit secondary pairing that I really can't read because so few of the stories are also comfortable with the John and Rodney friendship. thisisbone is the exception. I love John and Ronon friendship fic and there's just not nearly enough of that. There really should be.

5.) Slave fic, even the really awesome kind, I just cannot deal with on any level. Mostly because the use of power seems to be creepily skewed as an awesomely good thing and not, you know, dehumanizing and utterly, utterly wrong. Not many people come out of a world of sex trafficking as better people more in touch with their sexuality and wanting more submissive sex. Sometimes, they really don't come out of it at all.

And I'll continue this when I think of five more.
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