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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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and now presenting overheardfandom!
children of dune - leto 1
Who said that wishes don't come true? Very stupid people, that's who.

overheardfandom for all your fannish metaquotes needs, modded by the lovely slodwick.

...it started like, five minutes ago? So it's still in progress. BUT YOU CAN SAY YOU WERE A FOUNDING MEMBER IF YOU JOIN! Which um, I have no idea if that would mean anything, but you can say it and surely someone, somewhere, will be terribly impressed. I would be impressed. Very.

Now I'm just waiting for that pony to show up.

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I'm watching the door for my pony delivery right now.

*stares at office door*

Any. Minute. Now.

hey, I joined the comm!

*looks innocent*

*dies laughing*

*hugs you*

*hugs back* Hey, you wanted a pony!

(Deleted comment)
I guess I'm now a FOUNDING MEMBER! I hope that doesn't mean I have to actually come up with something quotable other than "John Sheppard pretty, me like a lot."

PS: Does this mean I can borrow the pony on weekends?

It is starting to worry me that everything you instruct, I obey.

I feel like I'm about ten minutes from purchasing a large number of glitter pens to send you.

I'm curious if we can hit 100 in membership before the end of the day.

hey, you got over 60 watchers in like an hour...set your goals a bit higher, Jenn :)

*mulls* Like a social experiment, even.

...also, slod might kill me. If she hits 200 without ever like, having a *post* up.


eggs you on...you can do it...you can do it :)



YAY. I have joined.

Of course, if it ends up with the kind of volume that metaquotes does, I'll have to trim it off again...

I'm too late to be a founding member, aren't I? There's already been a first post. Now how will I ever impress the Internet?

*joins and adds comm to tracking list* Do I still count as FM? :D

and now presenting overheardfandom!

Ok, I joined, I'm a following, nonentity-like follower with no personality! So, of course, I joined!

How could I resist the blandishments of the lovelies who blandished???

Love, max
(LJ, old dog, new tricks, what a mess!)

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