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So I came home last night, ate dinner, wrapped up in a blanket to watch tv and woke up at seven ten this morning.

Seriously. I don't even know what's going on with my body these days.

Fannish Quotes

Because one day I want a fannish metaquotes community, so until then, I will make my own fun.

From eleveninches:
Sure, it was funny the first few times, but I don't get how this trope has managed to last so long. Shouldn't fandom have moved on by now to, say, sex with non-humanoid aliens or weird kinks that make everyone uncomfortable?
--on genderfuck, livejournal

Someone make me a community of fannish metaquotes. Please? I don't want to do it myself, but I would totally be supportive, in that way I will occasionally say I SUPPORT YOU! I would also like to have god like moderator powers and no actual responsibility and tribute. And a pony.

Yeah. One day. It'll totally happen.

Social Activism and the Internet

What's a DDoS the RL equivalent of in the wide and wonderful family of social protest?

It's a funny question for me, because I think most of us kneejerk hate with a kind of ferocity that we don't get from seeing picketers around a store, petshop, church, social protest site, etc. Mostly because all of us gathered in tiny miserable balls at greatestjournal and wrote really sad porn together until the way and the light of Livejournal showered down upon us again. And I was totally on AIM with whoever would talk to me, fighting back tears and, wait, did you ever notice you can have an attack of crying and still communicate clearly and without spitting on anyone?

Hmm. Not what I meant to say. But it's true.

So I was thinking about the flexibility of protest in the real world (sit ins, meetings, protests, hunger strikes (questionable legality?), letter writing, faxing, etc etc etc) and how very little of that is actually possible on the internet.

Now, something else--I have absolutely no cred in this. I am not and never have been mistaken for any kind of social protester. I don't eat veal; I mean, that's it, and only because no one served it. The WGA strike isn't the first time I did a monetary form of supportive protest, but it's probably the one that's lasted the longest, because so many people I care about are directly affected. I was not raised by people with that kind of activism. I have not actually ever been in any kind of meeting room and/or facility in which any group of people planned anything protesting anything at all. I wasn't raised with it as a social norm. I do not internalize any of this. Except so far as to look and wonder what it's like to have this so powerful a part of your identity that you carry it everywhere.

So I guess I'm curious on this, those of you with traditions of activism, who carried signs and marched in protest; how is it translated to the internet? This isn't the worst we can do, any of us; we don't have to hack the pentagon to bring down the internet, and it's all nonviolent at that.

I'm almost sure I'm thinking about this too hard; I take comfort from teh fact someone, somewhere, will doubtless have Social Activism on the Interent as their thesis and then I can just read that. Link plz?
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