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so many updates, so little time

This is the Entry of Updates. Many. Some. Sort of.


In a fit of productivity, updated Indulgence with all fic back to August:

Eighteenish, SGA, Sheppard/McKay
I Hear and I Forget, SGA, Sheppard/McKay (technically Sheppard/Other)
The List of Cool Shit to Do, SGA, gen-like Sheppard/McKay, art
Story of a Girl, SGA, Sheppard/McKay, genderswitch
Insurrection, SGA, missing scene from Story of a Girl, Sheppard/McKay, genderswitch
The Past, in Plural, SCC (Sarah Connor Chronicles), gen

Still working on linking up the art, mostly because I keep thinking how desperately I want to tweak this website design and how lazy I am.

Anonymous Versus Scientology, Project Chanology, the Continuing Story

Earlier entry on the subject.

This part is actually more a Wikipedia curiosity as well; I didn't know, before now, exactly what level of oversight there is in Wikipedia. The links are pulled from OTF Wank comments.

Project Chanology on Wikipedia and the Articles for Deletion of Project Chanology Debate. The discussion on this article's status for deletion, keep, protected, semi-protected is enlightening to those of us, like me, who never really paid all that much attention to what goes on beneath the covers of the site. Seriously. I knew in theory there had to be oversight, but I never really bothered to check how that worked.

The media that is covering this is equally interesting, in that way that a lot of them are completely bewildered how to explain it or categorize it. There's the "internet terrorists" approach, the "internet social activism" approach, the "bored entitled teenagers" approach, the "crazy devil hackers" thing, and the blank deer-like stares of horror when trying to bend a DDoS into words without sounding like you're having some kind of psychotic break or exaggerating the severity and how much it takes to crash a website like this. It doesn't sound like a big deal, really, until you google what it does, what it means, what it takes to do something like this.

While watching NBC clips about it and a solemn man intoning packets and bandwidth, I thought about all the livejournal blackouts we've had because of these and how most of us hear about denial of service and reflexively twitch. And I could kind of get why they weren't sure how to phrase it; there's no easy way to explain crashing a major, major website isn't like your cable modem getting antsy during storms here or your ISP having problems; taking out something like the scientology sites, like livejournal, like ebaums and 117chan is more than just having some time on your hands while waiting for that Mary Jane figurine to ship (this is a joke, Anonymous, I swear I do not believe none of you get laid, I am just in awe you can fit that into your schedule, because wow); that's time, dedication, and a hell of a lot of persistence.

And a part of me is wondering if this is a new example of viral in action; nothing we haven't seen before except in all the ways we really haven't.

For some background information on some of the groups allegedly involved, Fandom Wank can always provide.

YTMND versus Ebaums, Part 1 and Part 2

Right. I'll stop now.

My Poor Toes

Still hurt. Limping around work pathetically. Epic journeys to the coffemaker. Very little sympathy. Yes, that is totally news.

Everything Else

Here is my request for pimping John Sheppard gen. If you missed it, and considering I posted at like, 1 AM, I can see why, plz to be pimping your favorites in the John Sheppard gen category. And self-pimp. Seriously. is now working correctly again, but I'm still paranoid enough to open the same page in two windows just in case it randomly deletes when I edit.

And that--sort of covers that.
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