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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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the karma strikes back, sort of
children of dune - leto 1
I have dropped a glass pie plate on my foot, namely, my toes. There was blood, and hopping, and I may have insulted the ancestors of the cow that gave his life for that food I was putting on the plate. I am coping manfully with ice, vicodin, and random bouts of rage--kind of like this afternoon, but now I have a plausible reason to flame people and be forgiven! This is very exciting.

*stares at foot* Wow. You wouldn't think two such tiny toes could cause that much pain. It's kind of awe-inducing, really.

(No, don't think they are broken, just, you know, very bruised and possibly going to have problems with shoes.)

ETA: And the pie plate didn't even have the decency to break!

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*offers ice*

It is amazing how something like toes can cause that much pain. I hope your toes turn pretty colours when they're healing, because you should get something for the pain.

*offers more ice, vicodin and soft shoes*

Ooh. I forgot about taht! Deep bruises go through black, purple, red, green, yellow!

I will feel somewhat compensated if that is the case.

I've never hurt my toes (yet), but I can confirm that fingers turn pretty colours.

I wish you luck in changing clothes. I've got no good ideas on removing jeans except for gritting your teeth and bearing it and that's not exactly comforting, so instead I send luck and fuzzy rainbow teddy bears. :)

Toes hurt a lot. And even when they do break, it's kind of useless because you don't get to do anything special or vaguely cool. Just, if it's really that bad (and it never is) you tape them. That's it.

It's lame.

I would happily break shit with you.

Thank you. *sniffs nobly* Yeah, I keep wanting to double check (and change clothes) but even thinkign about getting my jeans over that foot makes me twitch.

i have a small bag on now; it does at least seem to help everything but the throbbing. Aslo, I am reading porn. That is deeply helpful.

Oooo -- good porn? Since clearly sleep, she is not happening.

Aaaw. I have once stepped on a pillow hiding a glossy magazine and had my toes slammed into an outside corner of a wall. Two on one side, two on the other.

I feel your righteous indignation.

*shares some meds*

Thank you.


*clears throat*

But um, will you still think I am pretty with a deformed foot, should that be my fate? I am not seeing reassurance here.

Your post did not ask for such assurances. However *DEEP SIGH* I will always think you're pretty. Even with a deformed toe. ...will you still be able to walk in those hooker boots? Because that might be a deal breaker.

Ow. So much ow. My toes are throbbing in sympathy. At least you're enjoying the vicodin?

I am indeed. *looks at vapor trails* I very much am, indeed.

Ice and painkillers are your friend, really they are.

I've broken toes before and I feel your pain. My mother worked for a radiologist and told me it doesn't matter if they are broken, bruised, or sprained, ice, elevation, and taping them to brace/support them are good things. Still, ouch.

Yipe! I offer you more ice, and additional vicodin. If I could remember how it goes, I'd type out something I read, once, by Piers Anthony about how painful one's toes can be...

Or maybe that wouldn't be much of a help, after all, eh? I hope your toes stop hurting, soon! And I hope the food was worth it.

Toes hurt like nothing else - and I speak from too much experience of the "else" variety.

Ow. Ow ow ow ow. ::that was me sympathizing with you::

At least you have an excuse now for the flames, yeah. And can be glad you didn't drop that can (on edge) on your toes. Because seriously, that's an even bigger ow right there.

::points at icon & lends you some zen when you're ready for it::

Agh. That sounds incredibly painful. I'm glad the plate didn't break, as that probably would have caused worse problems. I still remember dropping a can of tomato sauce on my feet and it shattering (I was never more grateful to be wearing socks). Good luck with the shoes and getting off your jeans. Maybe tomorrow will be a skirt or dress day?

the karma strikes back, sort of

Sympathy and hugs! That must hurt really a lot! God! Hope the pain recedes by tomorrow.... Feel better. Hugs. Love, max

thank your lucky stars the plate didn't break! you could be counting your scars now instead....unlike slash stories, slashed feet aren't any fun...

Toes have an surprising amount of nerve endings. And sadly it is not warm weather that you can wear sandals for. ::pats you and gives you ice pack that is squishy and therefore fun to play with::

If you can get hold of some comfrey leaf tea, make a warm compress of it and wrap it around your toes -- use gauze and put a sandwich bag over that so it won't leak. It will help them heal *very* quickly. I did this when I ran my little toe into the refrigerator and broke it, and it stopped hurting within a day and felt entirely better in about two or so. Comfrey salve is also useful but less strong.

Oh, ow. My toes are hurting in sympathy.

Rest, Ice, Elevation is the way to go. You could also try alternating putting The ice on your toes & further up you foot, to keep the surrounding nerve endings numb - it helps with the pain. (but remember! no more than 15 minutes in any one place!)

Also? avoid strapping them unless you have to go mobile. Getting the tape off hurts.

Oooh - and arnica cream, once you can stand to touch them again ;)

Ooooh, OUCH! The Dr told my son (a victim of over-zealous wall-ball) that if the toes bruise, they're probably broken because those bones are so teenie tiny. Also, the dr's will usually only buddy-tape them & maybe give you a 'boot' or air-cast.


A friend dropped a mirror on her foot and suffered pretty impressive bruising. Her Dr. buddy-taped them, but set her up an appointment for x-rays in 3 weeks JUST IN CASE she needed corrective surgery and therapy. So don't feel shy about taking those toes to the doctor if they don't feel right after a few days.


Hope you are feeling better!

I'd pet your toes - but that would probably come off as kinky.


Poor toes... but on the other hand (or foot)... ? Vicodin.... ummmmmmmmm, makes all the little endorphins line up and hold hands and sing sweet sweet assurances to me... and to you too... that toes aren't that important... indeed, one could actually live without them...

::coughs:: don't listen to them... toes is r friends... they'll get better... just learn to leap away better... from impending pie plate doom and other gravitationally inspired toe missles...

(I hear lambs... surely I'm hallucinating... there are no lamb farms around here) (and no, I'm not on vicodin) ::wanders outside::

Oh, and I hope you feel better very soon... stupid pie plates anyway ;)

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