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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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briefly, and with malice aforethought
children of dune - leto 1
Eventually, when I'm less shocked--I shouldn't be, but I am, because it always, always surprises me how people bend and ignore canon so they don't have to rethink their assumptions about any given character--I am going to do a long, long meta on why in general I prefer gen to slash in SGA because of how much I am growing to hate how John Sheppard is written.

Because--seriously. The latest round of Fucked Up Sheppard is not just reaching--that's creating brand new vistas of denial. I mean, YMMV, Infinite Diversity, and Live Long and Prosper, but if people can take a week of offense from Rodney having to have a lemon in his general line of sight, I'm reserving the right to have a twenty-four hour period of moodiness for the latest explanation of how being a private person is somehow deeply wrong.

...really. I just--wow. I have got to not be tempted by links. Did anyone see the same episode I did?

what'd I miss?

Seriously. I'm still so happy about the episode I haven't bothered to read anyone's meta. Maybe I'll just not and save myself the trouble?

Well. A lot of the meta will work if you are totally into the John Is An Emotinal Cripple And Why Do People Put Up With Him.

Otherwise--yeah, good luck. I knew better! And I still clicked. And it was bad.

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Yes. Exactly. I just--I need to go read her today and relax.


Okay, dude, now I gotta ask - which links are you clicking on? I'm paid-account hooked up if you want to be all subtle-like and email privately.

Let me think if I'm going to answer it directly or not; I feel vaguely like I'm comfortable enough with my interpretation to do a point by point refutation, but I'm not sure I really like the idea of a cross-contradictory meta.

Tempted as I am to use my Rodney and the lemon icon, I'll restrain myself...

I'm like you, thinking it makes no sense - the latest episode makes it crystal clear he fell out with his family, his marriage broke up, at least three people he knew died in the presumably not that distant past, and then he got a black mark and sent to Antarctica. Is it really any wonder he doesn't like to talk about his past all that much? It's actually kind of a nice thing to do, in a slightly skewed way, that he prefers not to tell his sob story to everyone he knows.

Just because Rodney gets seen as the kind of guy who can't keep his mouth shut (which is also debatable), that doesn't make being different a bad thing. Diversity is, you know, what makes the show interesting, because everyone isn't exactly the same.

Huh - who knew I was that bothered by it?!

Just knowing other people agree is enough to drop my BP two points instantly.

Seriously--my favorite part was how it was all John's fault that he was estranged with hsi family. I mean, that's totally canon! Excpet you know, that it's completely adn utterly contradicted by canon.

But why let canon get in the way, you know?




*breathes and clings* I am zen. So zen.

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Yeah, I'm finding I really enjoy the show so much more when I don't keep up with the fandom at all. I read fanfic by you and a couple of other people, I download images, and that's pretty much it, and I'm darn happy with that.

God yes. Yes. I've decided if I want meta? I have to write it myself. And that is working for me really well.

Also, thank you for writing John Sheppard. I literally cannot imagine I'd still be sane if I hadn't started reading you and have that to run to.

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I'm curious now. Most of the stuff I've seen seems to be making the same point as you - quiet and introverted is not the same thing as messed up.

I definitely haven't seen anything wondering why people put up with him - where did that one come from? *boggles*

Of course, I didn't click every link. And I'm quite good at repressing the stupid stuff (eep, repression! Oh noes! I will now go wibbly in the head and have a breakdown!)

There was more than one I found, but I hit a link and just lost my temper. I just--yeah. I read that and stopped processing that bit.

Thank god I'm not seeing that on my flist, because srsly. I totally buy that John is bad at social interactions dealing with emotion, as is Rodney, and see the several excellent ep tags that came from Quarantine. That doesn't mean that he doesn't deal with his emotions at all. But then I'm one of those people who likes to process on my own, too.

*nods* I just--I have one person on earth I feel comfortable with having a truly emotional conversation and honestly, I still like to have a period of time to process it somethign by myself. I have never met anyone who hears about a death in their family and wants to immediately discuss their feelings.

There is difference in character interpretation and then there's just bizarre justification of character-dislike.

Huh. You know, if anything, I thought Outlast actually demonstrated that John isn't nearly as fucked up as previously assumed, as in, his divorce seems to have been more or less amicable, his estrangement from his family is pretty standard for estrangement and so on...

Yeah, that's what I thought too.

I know why I almost never read SGA meta... And seriously, what is people's baseline for "normal" emotional sharing? I mean, compared to my family for example Sheppard is outright open about his feelings, awkward as he is sometimes.

Compared to my father and one of my exes? He's downright feely. I can't extrapolate that on the general population, but really, it's not like we see any other character other than Rodney dropping down anywhere to talk about their feelings all that often.

As someone who talks a lot and says very little I think John is private and doesn't like to share, because yes, he has difficulty sharing it sometimes. But broken? No.

*shrugs* Or he acts like most guys I know. I mean, he's private and not huge on talking abou this feelings. Like a lot of people. It's--gah.

*lobs a quite naked, introverted and horny John Sheppard in your direction*

*leaves you two alone for a while*

I love you a lot. Be at VVC this year?

I need to use my new icon space for a Lemon Rodney tribute...

You and I might have seen the same episode, but I do wonder about what many others were watching.

John the Emotional Cripple has been building since Doppelganger, maybe before (depends on how much you marginalized Elizabeth before Season Four). This is maybe the tidal wave hitting shore. It's like the Post-Trinity Fic for Rodney, except on a smaller scale because nothing's that big.

Personally, I thought John handled Outcast like a socially normalized grown-up -- a socially normalized grown-up who has always had his eye on the nearest exit, but a socially normalized grown-up nonetheless.

Pretty much exactly. As far as I can go is that he might have been a littel screwed up in Antarctica--you know, with all his friends dying and his black mark and still estranged from his family--but it's not like this is unique and deeply wrong.

Just. It's a huge what the hell. A lot.

Yes, we normally see the same episodes. *g* I am just UberJohnFan (I feel I need to equal the energy of two UberRodneyFans to compensate).

That's why I don't read episode reactions as a general rule, except from the few people who have yet to make me headdesk.

I cut myself off from anyone not on my flist or told specifically by Ami I can read it (seriously, she will say "DO NOT CLICK" when I start acting adventurous. I have learned).

*takes breath* Meta meta meta. Meta meta meta. If I want to read meta, I will write it. Then I cna only annoy myself.

I think the way to enjoy fandom is skate across it very quickly and look out for thin ice. Or to put it in another watery way, the shallow end of the pool means less chance of drowning in other people's words.

Different people get attached to different things that have nothing to do with the show and everything to do with them, otherwise people wouldn't get so attached to that extent in the first place. I mean, it's a piece of entertainment at the end of the day, but meta is where it hooks in to people's views of how they see the world at large, and that's always going to mean friction and hair pulling.

*nods* very true, and I've thought before about the fact I have a very definite type when it comes to my fannish crushes--Tom Paris, Logan, Lex Luthor, Brian Kinney, and circle back around to John Sheppard, Voyager redux but with better episodes and as a slasher. I think I tend to be more, in this fandom, like Rodney, but John resonates for me personality wise and I think the same idea is waht draws anyone to a character.

Usually, I remind myself when I hit a meta or story that is totally contradictory to what I see. *sighs* That day was not today.