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rec - eat your heart out peggy fleming by miss-porcupine

samdonne - you might like this, but I'm not sure if you are into military-heavy fic, but it's John-heavy and gen with lots of plot.

Eat Your Heart Out, Peggy Fleming by miss_porcupine - John, the team, the Marines, gen, richly and fully written, a frozen world, and mysterious readings on the PDAs. Excellent, excellent work.

Now, request. Two, actually. Show me these fics.

1.) John Sheppard gen (preferably plotty, but anything will work)
2.) Sarah Connor Chronicles Future!John/Cameron

Both are for a friend, but the first is also because I want to do a full redesign of my webpage and split it into gen and slash pages, as right now, adding anything makes the page too hard to read practically. It's pretty hard to navigate now, to be honest, and ideally I'd like to split between Short and Long, not just Series and Non-Series. And I go through phases of intense Sheppard/McKay only and Sheppard-only, so I know I missed some stuff. And I am not updating that thing again until I have a better format. God do I wish I could find auto software I like for this.

And pimp yourself if you have some. Please. Seriously. There is a place for being humble and unassuming. This is not that place. Yes, even if you know I read and recced it already, I really need this and also, see above. Reader! Who wants you! Think of the reader. Think of that poor reader.

ETA: Fixed link to miss_porcupine's story. Thanks jack_pride!
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