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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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rec - eat your heart out peggy fleming by miss-porcupine
children of dune - leto 1
samdonne - you might like this, but I'm not sure if you are into military-heavy fic, but it's John-heavy and gen with lots of plot.

Eat Your Heart Out, Peggy Fleming by miss_porcupine - John, the team, the Marines, gen, richly and fully written, a frozen world, and mysterious readings on the PDAs. Excellent, excellent work.

Now, request. Two, actually. Show me these fics.

1.) John Sheppard gen (preferably plotty, but anything will work)
2.) Sarah Connor Chronicles Future!John/Cameron

Both are for a friend, but the first is also because I want to do a full redesign of my webpage and split it into gen and slash pages, as right now, adding anything makes the page too hard to read practically. It's pretty hard to navigate now, to be honest, and ideally I'd like to split between Short and Long, not just Series and Non-Series. And I go through phases of intense Sheppard/McKay only and Sheppard-only, so I know I missed some stuff. And I am not updating that thing again until I have a better format. God do I wish I could find auto software I like for this.

And pimp yourself if you have some. Please. Seriously. There is a place for being humble and unassuming. This is not that place. Yes, even if you know I read and recced it already, I really need this and also, see above. Reader! Who wants you! Think of the reader. Think of that poor reader.

ETA: Fixed link to miss_porcupine's story. Thanks jack_pride!

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Psst, your link doesn't link to the story but to whatever page you're on. By which I mean, if my flist is open, it opens another tab of flist, and if I'm in the post, it opens another copy of the post. Which is kind of a neat trick, actually.

Fixed! I forgot to *put* the link in. *Sad* No idea how I managed that one.

Thank you!

np :)

(I clicked on the author's lj name and found the fic anyway. *g*)

Not me, but a friend of mine rhymer23 has been writing what I think are some excellent Sheppard centred stories (mostly h/c but also some hilarious humour fics).

I particularly like White Walls. Four went out, and three came back. Sheppard has vanished, and the rest of his team lies injured. By the time they recover, the trail has gone cold. As Sheppard and his team fight their own separate battles for hope and survival, the true danger may be different from what any of them expect.

And also Run John Run. This is a Shep whump story as written for 4 year olds, complete with pictures and ideas for educational extension activities. What can I say...?

It's bookmarked for the next rainy day. Many thanks.

And if you come across any good Teyla and John gen (my definition of gen is lax, as you know), think of me, too.

(I feel really pretentious doing this, but) Here's the link to my stories. All gen, and mostly John.

Also, saphanibaal has created a really cool (and utterly unique, I believe) backstory for John. Guises in Three Seasons: Autumn, Winter, and Spring.

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It feels awesomely tacky to self-pimp in a post that's reccing my own story. And yet... my shame decreases the longer I'm on LJ. Should I cull a list of John stories not quite as military-heavy as I sometimes do?

I empathize on the webpage sorting. I use chronology for simplicity's sake, but I wish I had a del.icio.us-type set-up where I could tag with length and characters and, I don't know, body-count or whatever else was relevant.

Most of the stories I can think of which are Sheppard-focused and gen are by ltlj and miss_porcupine, and I think you already know about them.

A few others:
Ars Arboreus by mahoney
Lost in Waiting by danvers
Seven Ways John Sheppard Goes Home by minnow1212
Who's Left and Who's Leaving by fierclydreamed
Cross into the Blue by harriet_spy if AU's are okay (SGA/Temeraire)

Maybe Running on Empty by sholio. Gen, John and Rodney focused.

And depending on how you read it: Exigencies by rivier

Edited at 2008-02-03 09:19 pm (UTC)

hhhm, okay, I'm getting over the self-pimping issues. You might have seen this, or not, or, if you skipped it and didn't want to tell me what you thought of it, it's okay--it really isn't everyone's cup of tea. East of the Sun, West of the Moon.

Well, it was my cup of tea, and I heartily recommend it!

I don't read a whole lot of gen fic, but I love all of miss_porcupine's stuff.

I also really liked "Eurydice Turns Left" by Vehemently, which is a great fic about John, Rodney, and Teyla being trapped underground by hostile aliens, and Ronon trying to save them.

(Deleted comment)
The link to These Secretive Walls doesn't work :(

I had a quick look on transtempts website (from the other link) and found These Secretive Walls there.

Thanks for trying, must be down on the actual website...I clicked and got a 404 error message about teh link being moved. Might dig on her LJ tomorrow just b/c its proving so elusive :D

I was going to say that it was there an hour ago, but I suspect I just copied the link, rather than actually going to the story so it was probably down then too.

It's odd that the story is flocked on her LJ tho - all the rest of her fic is public. With any luck, she might make this one public too, since you're looking for it.

I thoroughly second many of the above recs, but especially East of the Sun, West of the Moon and Who's Left and Who's Leaving. Wonderful, brilliant stories.

And of course, there's always mine, though I'm really more of a Sheppard-and-McKay or ensemble writer. But I have a few John-centered stories: Monster Slayer, Anger Management and Three Kinds of Men come to mind. And Staring at the Sun just in case one is feeling especially morbid.

My reading also tends in the Sheppard-and-McKay direction, so it's hard to come up with what I'd consider strictly Sheppard stories off the top of my head, but this is very good timing since I'm reccing Sheppard at ficrec this month so I need ideas! *thinks*

kodiak_bear's It's Always Autumn in the Old Trees of Despair is very good, and rewarding to read, but painful -- a Stockholm Syndrome story, in which John is chosen as the heir to the throne of one of their trading planets and, through various "harmless" torture techniques, brainwashed into his role. There's a sequel, Winter, with a luckless Heightmeyer trying to put the team back together.

I adore The Moon Be Still as Bright by Wintertime, a short Conversion AU that takes a chilling but plausible turn.

Angels in the Architecture is another favorite.

I know there are lots of others, but my brain is currently frozen and my bookmark-archiving system is no help at all because it's basically genre-based, not character-based. I'll post again if more come to mind!

What the hell, self-pimping my Sheppard:

Mules in Horses' Harness, or the Junior Varsity Remix: what Sheppard and Mitchell got up to when the Goa'uld invaded Earth. Part of a series, but free-standing. Gen.

Flying Low at Night: SGA/Farscape crossover with Sheppard kicking around the Uncharteds. Bob (he does have sex, but it's not really a romance). (Written for samdonne, so you know who to blame.)

Windswept and Nest-Building, two season-1 gen snippets.

Enjoy, or not, as it suits you.

(You know what's funny? I don't even have a Sheppard icon. Huh.)

Edited at 2008-02-05 06:27 pm (UTC)

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