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Hands up. Who is following along with Anonymous Versus Scientology?

For those who are wondering what on earth I'm talking about. All links courtesy of criticalcricket of journalfen and shallow_kid of journalfen.

OTF at Journalfen

Anonymous versus Scientology

Anonymous versus Scientology Part 2

Project Chanology

At The Insurgency Wiki

At Encyclopedia Dramatica (always assume this will not be work safe)

List of Media Coverage


And finally, the youtube video that was the equivalent of a declaration of war (and on ED, you can actually read the declaration of war):

Message to Scientology currently at 1,803,843 views and 16,501 comments and climbing.

ETA: ...and 276 video responses. Dear God.

All Videos by youtuber Church0fScientology

This does explain some of the search results I've been getting back now.
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