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del.icio.us problem continues
children of dune - leto 1
The 'tag this' function no longer gets an internal error, but cannot edit an entry's tags without deleting it. If I go to full-screen, it deletes and logs me out of my account. After logging back in, teh entry is gone, but the tags I used stay, and it will have the number of entries wrong.

You know. They are *this close* to me doing a screen-shot-by-screenshot narrative via email if I have to, because seriously. This is deeply annoying.d

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Can I mention your problem over at deliciouslymad? I've only had del since November, but I've never come across such a problem. Maybe someone at the community can help.

Feel free. I set up an extra account I'm using to test every few hours, since I do'tn want to risk erasing any of the others. So far, no improvement.

Rewind. deliciouslymad? A community? For del.icio.us?????

And yet oddly, I am having no trouble. Maybe it's my charming personality? Or Firefox.

I'm on firefox. I tried it on firefox at work, IE 6.0 at work, firefox at home, and IE 7.0 at home. It's pretty much--this.

Did you try clearing all your browser temp files? Perhaps something there is messing with your mojo :o)

I think so, but I may do a codl restart ina bit. Iknow at work I did two restarts and clears.

Hey. I wandered over from deliciouslymad.

So, first, a screenshot-by-screenshot narrated e-mail is a good idea, actually, if you aren't totally bitchy about it. (Which, believe me, I understand the impulse, but the person reading your e-mail is not responsible for del.icio.us breaking.) :)

But if you DON'T want to do that, I can probably help you if you're pretty dedicated to figuring it out (i.e., I'm guessing it'll be a long and painful process that might not actually work). I think we should do that over e-mail, though, because I am going to have two million very specific questions to ask, before we even get to your problem. Drop me a line if you're so inclined; atrata at gmail dot com will find me.

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