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The Toybox

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links! so many links! links! links!
children of dune - leto 1
And random updates! Because I can.

Fannish Resolution #4: Track my leaving feedback versus number of stories I read to find out what proportion of fic I feedback and why/why not. Possibly do it publicly.

So, my stats as of 1/31/2008

Stories Read: 32
Vids Watched: 1
Stories FBed: 30
Vids FBed: 1
Authors/Vidders: 31
Fandoms: Stargate:Atlantis, Torchwood


otw_news has announced a call for academic papers by the new journal Transformative Works and Cultures. From the notice on otw_news:

Transformative Works and Cultures (TWC) is a new international peer-reviewed journal published by the Organization for Transformative Works edited by Kristina Busse and Karen Hellekson. TWC publishes articles about popular media, fan communities, and transformative works, broadly conceived.

More information can be found at their website: Transformative Works and Cultures.

*wistful* This makes me wish I had the academic training to write papers.


Newletter 3 is also up, and my personal part:

Open Doors update from Mary Ellen Curtin (mecurtin)

The Open Doors project of the Organization For Transformative Works is dedicated to offering shelter to at-risk fannish projects. While some of these projects will be integrated into the Archive of Our Own or the Wiki once those services are up and running, others which have a particular historical significance or are structurally difficult to integrate may continue to be preserved as "special collections". We hope to be unveiling our first project well before the end of February.


OTW FAQ Part 1 is up for reading, mulling, and commenting. It's interesting.

Fangirls Around and About

Fifth Annual Valentine's Day Game

From her entry:

These past four years, on Valentine's Day, I put together a little project that I call the Valentine's Day Game, which is something of a misnomer, because games tend to involve strategy and all that good stuff, and this is all pretty straightforward.

I had nearly 200 e-mails last year, and I'd love to see even more people than that this year!

And that covers what I have read today.

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Wow, great FB ratio. Congrats for sticking with the resolution so far! And of course since I can't resist the lure of random statistics, according to my bookmarking I've read about 75 stories, and only given feedback 38 times.

Ooh, I feel--competitive. *thoughtful* Though I think you read more pairings. *sulks quietly*

Honestly, the tracking makes me feedback it; it's a visual reminder that makes me twitchy and makes the listed stories look uneven.

Now you've made me look to check the pairing distribution... *headdesk* *curses obsessive tendencies*
It was mostly SGA, 14 with McKay/Sheppard as main pairing, 12 gen, one Sheppard/Lorne, one Sheppard/Sumner, one Sheppard/Teyla and one Rodney/Katie each, six gen SPN, two SPN crossovers and one DCU with Tim/various.

And it turns out it was 39, I forgot about one FB I left at wraithbait (took me three times to get the site to accept my letter code too, I'm never going to try to leave FB there again).

As for the competitiveness I also gave FB for eighteen pieces of fanart (6 DCU, 4 HP, 3 SGA, one each for SPN, Avatar, LOTR, Discworld and a Final Fantasy/Star Wars xover) and one vid. *g* OTOH most of my feedback is really short and generic, i.e. of the "I liked this a lot." variety.

*grins* I have mine marked for pairings, but since some are multiple, and del is not--seriously, it shows the tag but doens't count anythign right and the tag doesn't show all the stories in it. It's ODD.


I'm amazed by your feedback stats.

For me it's more like 20 stories read/ 3 fb. I know it's bad, but I feel stupid writing comments like "Uh. Yum Liked. *brain melts*". Somehow I never seem to to read bad fics (and if I did I couldn't be able to leave negative feedback) and good stories usually break my brain and I'm not able to put in words how I feel.

The feedback I do leave is usually something like "EEEEEEEE! I'm friending you because I love this. [enter random quote] That's so [enter character name]!".

I'm a bad fangirl.

*g* Mine is short usually anyway.

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