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the color green
diva 2
To Do List

1. Halfway done with one DVD commentary, staring at the second one in thought. I don't know what to do with it. I didn't think about it, sofar as thinking x,y,z. A lot of my principle of writing goes something like this.

Me: I wonder what I can do here?
Writing: Wouldn't it be cool if there were more explosions?
Me: It really would!
Writing: I think so too.

I am not deep. I am a puddle.

2. Staring blankly at three separate WIPs that stare back. I have no clue what I want to do with them.

3. Trying to work out a way to write about Ancients not dying out after all, but I always skid at the place where I have to actually, y'know, do it. Concept = awesome! Execution = that means work, doesn't it?

4.) Phone appointment with doctor. I will say this; I did get that edge of desperation across. I made the mistake of switching generics this time when i refilled my script. It didn't seem too bad, it felt wrong, but I decided it wasn't tragically bad and I'd just finish the month and then go back to my regular next month.

Oh the mistake. The mistake. I can't even figure out what this thing is actually *doing*, as opposed to what it's supposed to do. And it's the first one that I'm aware not only of a physical addiction, but an actual withdrawl if I go more than four hours without it, and it took a couple of weeks before I finally connected bad headache = hours since last dose. It starts with a headache, goes to a change in blood pressure and pulse, and one memorable night, me sitting in the kitchen with the blood pressure cuff absolutely sure I was having a stroke while svmadelyn ordered me via laptop to stop trying to meditate my blood pressure down. I couldn't even figure out what was wrong until the next day when I finally gave up and took one and there was instant-drop and calm. And also, finally, I could sleep.

(also, as it turns out, my concept of high blood pressure is other people's normal, since mine is normally very low. The pulse thing was just creepy.)

I'm worried about going off of it, but staying on means one every three to four hours period, and it doesn't actually do its job. I'm using it to regain normal.

I totally need a pony. Or a new rabbit. Or a lemur.

5. Actually, I don't have a five. This is just sitting here in case I think of one later.

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It isn't a pony or a lemur but it is a theory I have developed about the SG-1/SGA universe that you might find interesting.

The theory basically comes from me going: ...no, you cannot make me buy the parallel evolution. CANNOT. I refuse to believe! My disbelief, it is mighty. Our fossil records show entirely too much evidence supporting the evolution of humankind on earth and I cannot and will not believe in parallel evolution of anatomically and genetically *human* people.

So, the theory is: the Tau'ri at least several centuries if not a millenia or so in the future end up fucking themselves over *royally*. Possibly the entire galaxy. Or universe. Something! Anyway. In a last-ditch attempt to preserve at least some portion of the race, they end up doing the time-travel thing. They go *way* back. AND BECOME THE ANCIENTS. Well, some of them do! There's fragmentation: they also become the Asgard and and Knox. (Dunno about the Furlings--we haven't seen if they're human yet.) Also, they become the random off-shoots that appear to be neither Go'a'uld nor Asgard transplants (see: the Tollana, who are also the closest to the Ancients we see other than the Asgard, being as they built their own Stargate from scratch, etc.)

It makes so much more sense. It leads to weirdly incestuous issues with the whole Ancients-on-Earth but bizarre time travel paradoxes hurt my head far, far less than parallel evolution. Which flatly defies all currently accepted science and, just, god. No!

In other news, I have a Supernatural/SG-1 crossover that I am working on. To my astonishment there is, actually, a way to map Supernatural onto SG-1! That makes perfect sense and is natural. (Mind you I spent a lot of time clutching my head and yelling at the main character a lot because it hurt my brain until I finally figured out how it does map. I still hate him. But it's a super-cool idea now instead of being a cracked idea.)

Edited at 2008-01-29 07:52 pm (UTC)

I think I have seen a story with that premise. Well sort of, it was the Atlantis and SG-1 people ending up in the past and becoming the Ancients and the Ori eventually, IIRC. It was still posted as a WIP when I saw it, so I think I haven't read it, but I'm pretty sure the setup was like that.

I like this idea a *lot*.


It makes my head hurt so much less. I'll handwave time paradoxy bizarritude but I can't handwave things that flatly defy all known biological science when you're otherwise accepting our modern sciences as at least somewhat valid (if elementary/primitive).

I hear you about the generics. They are allowed to have a +/- 20% difference from the branded drug, and so can vary enormously in their effectiveness if you're one of those people (like me) who are on the sensitive threshhold. A few months ago my pharmacy switched me to a new generic and after 3 days of being completely ill and out of my mind I took it back and made them give me the branded drug. Of course it was high drama, because the law here is that they HAVE to dispense the generic unless your Dr. tells them "do not substitute" on the scrip ... so I had to call up and get something faxed ... by then I was on the edge of a breakdown and ready to commit pharmacicide.

So far, only one generic doens't have strange and creepy side effects. I am asking for a restriction on mine to exclude those two.

And yes, same thing here with my HMO--it has to be generic unless specified or they don't haev anything but name. *sulks*

Ack. Glad you realized and have switched back. Last night, my best friend had an allergic reaction to aspirin. Medicinal problems are scary. (Yet another winner for obvious statement of the week.)

(Deleted comment)
I've kind of hidden from the late seasons of SG-1, honestly? I mean, I do adore Cam endlessly but, uh. Yeah.

(I never did understand the abandonment of Atlantis. Okay, you're losing the siege. That sucks! Uh--how does leaving most of your technology (and leaving them *intact* omgwtf) and running off to a back-water outpost improve your situation? I get strategic retreat and preserving what you *can* but that is a tactically moronic way of going about said strategic retreat.)

(Deleted comment)
I often regret that the chick who took Atlantis over wasn't asked this stuff. Before she died and everything.

Well, not often, but--a ship of Ancients!

See, the thing is, we know the Ancients *did* stand against the Goa'uld--there was the whole four-race alliance. Apparently they did a really wussy-ass job of standing against them though. I wonder if they were halfway to Ascending on the whole at that point, anyway, so abandoning Atlantis didn't matter so much to them? And also they weren't nearly as invested in the fight against the Goa'uld (or the WRAITH, hi, they just abandoned all the other human peoples in that galaxy to the Wraith's mercy) as more grounded-in-the-physical-plane folks might? And if they were head-in-the-clouds, maybe that's why their tactics sucked and they didn't make all that much use of their Nifty Technology? I mean the excuse for the Asgard is that they've been awfully busy with their own nightmare war but that doesn't much explain the Ancients.

(I got nothin' on the Nox. Yeah, fine, we're children, we know. Still: we children's be getting our asses kicked by the enemy you *supposedly* stood against--can't say as that's very good parenting, there! There's letting the kids work out their own problems and then there's *letting them get killed*.)

(Deleted comment)
I am so sorry! I can definitely see how that would put your brain into vapor lock. I quote the Syne: "Fuck canon, fanon makes more sense!"

Sometimes we just have to wholesale ignore what canon tells us because it is the only way to get an internally consistent logic. *wry*

a lemur?

Listen, I was an idiot earlier this week. But I'm back. or something.

Is everything okay?

It was a toss-up between a sloth and a lemur. A few miles away I finally saw my first living sloth at a pet store. They are truly hideous, yet adorable in their hideousness.

...yeah, I don't know either. Blame Discovery Channel.

yes. sloth are definitely cute because they're so ugly.

Is everything okay? Not sure. Probably not as good as I keep thinking? I'm kinda on edge, overreacting to everything these days. have to remember to count to ten before I do things. It would be nice not to be in pain some time this calendar year too.

But thanks for asking and understanding.

Ouch. *winces* I'm so sorry.

*sends virtual hugs*

:-( Medical crap /= fun. I swear, once I switched pharmacies, and my asthma medication stopped working. They dispensed it from larger canisters instead of in the factory sealed one. Very strange. I wonder if the generic is slightly faster release or something?

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