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To Do List

1. Halfway done with one DVD commentary, staring at the second one in thought. I don't know what to do with it. I didn't think about it, sofar as thinking x,y,z. A lot of my principle of writing goes something like this.

Me: I wonder what I can do here?
Writing: Wouldn't it be cool if there were more explosions?
Me: It really would!
Writing: I think so too.

I am not deep. I am a puddle.

2. Staring blankly at three separate WIPs that stare back. I have no clue what I want to do with them.

3. Trying to work out a way to write about Ancients not dying out after all, but I always skid at the place where I have to actually, y'know, do it. Concept = awesome! Execution = that means work, doesn't it?

4.) Phone appointment with doctor. I will say this; I did get that edge of desperation across. I made the mistake of switching generics this time when i refilled my script. It didn't seem too bad, it felt wrong, but I decided it wasn't tragically bad and I'd just finish the month and then go back to my regular next month.

Oh the mistake. The mistake. I can't even figure out what this thing is actually *doing*, as opposed to what it's supposed to do. And it's the first one that I'm aware not only of a physical addiction, but an actual withdrawl if I go more than four hours without it, and it took a couple of weeks before I finally connected bad headache = hours since last dose. It starts with a headache, goes to a change in blood pressure and pulse, and one memorable night, me sitting in the kitchen with the blood pressure cuff absolutely sure I was having a stroke while svmadelyn ordered me via laptop to stop trying to meditate my blood pressure down. I couldn't even figure out what was wrong until the next day when I finally gave up and took one and there was instant-drop and calm. And also, finally, I could sleep.

(also, as it turns out, my concept of high blood pressure is other people's normal, since mine is normally very low. The pulse thing was just creepy.)

I'm worried about going off of it, but staying on means one every three to four hours period, and it doesn't actually do its job. I'm using it to regain normal.

I totally need a pony. Or a new rabbit. Or a lemur.

5. Actually, I don't have a five. This is just sitting here in case I think of one later.
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