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sga recs - multiple set 2

I'm catching up on recs I've meant to do. That I didn't. Okay, I will say this; keeping a log of fic I read and feedbacked, for some reason, makes me procrastinate in say, reccing it. It's just odd.

42 by cathalin - I seriously got a kick from this one. Post-Quarantine fic that is chock-*full* of Rodney, his trains of logic, and it's just. I was fascinated by how the author was putting Rodney's thought processes into words.

Canada Likes It on Top by busaikko - ice skating, babysitting, my favorite pairing, and almost hypothermia. It was adorable, and a fascinating Rodney pov. Likes.

Not a Hardship by torakowalski - this was just adorable. Three words. Ancient Chastity Belt. Yes. You want to read this now, right?
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