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Sundays are not the most zen for birthdays. So far, my mother's desk slidy-thing for the keyboard broke (okay, keyboard tray, righ, that's the name!) and last night there was this weird thing with a headache and so I am drinking lots of water in hopes this is a case of stress followed by dehydration.

And then it got better.

1.) Thank you saldemonium for the lj toy! It made me grin and stare at iTunes and remind myself I get paid on Friday and I can wait to music shop then!

2.) nymphaea1 for the story, which is deeply awesome.

3.) The deeply awesome gift certificate that showed up in my inbox! I am going shopping! Though I can't think of anything worthy of the level of awesome that is, because I kind of got weirdly teary-eyed and thank you very much to all of you for that. It was just--wow. Very, very, very wow.

4.) And the lovely birthday wishes on my flist. Made of win.

Waffles also let me pet him and didn't even act like it was the most horrible thing that has ever happened to him. My rabbit is awesome as well.

My glee cannot be textually rendered. Mostly.
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