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sga recs - multiple

Raiders of the Seven Systems by ltlj - it is like glee in a puddlejumper. John and Teyla and Ronon are pirates! Seriously! Spacepirates! I have no idea how that is other than a thousand kinds of win. Space. Pirates. I cannot get over the level of awesome.

A Bit Like Goldilocks, A Lot Like That Woody Allen Movie by tzzzz - Post-Quarantine, hysterically funny past/present, with Rodney discovering the Sekrit Past of Sheppard and Carter in the most hilarious way possible.

An Unorthodox Solution for Boredom by leupagus - Rodney keeps getting distracted. With hilarious results.

Best Somethings by shrift - Post-Quarantine, in which John wonders if he'll be best man and Rodney wonders why no one told him he was dating Sheppard.

Class:Insecta by cupidsbow - AU from Conversion. I didn't expect how complicated and interesting such a simple change could make this world, but it's a fascinating idea all around. And no, I hate to go into more detail because it'll be close to a spoiler, so. Seriously. Nice.
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