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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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sga recs - multiple
children of dune - leto 1
Raiders of the Seven Systems by ltlj - it is like glee in a puddlejumper. John and Teyla and Ronon are pirates! Seriously! Spacepirates! I have no idea how that is other than a thousand kinds of win. Space. Pirates. I cannot get over the level of awesome.

A Bit Like Goldilocks, A Lot Like That Woody Allen Movie by tzzzz - Post-Quarantine, hysterically funny past/present, with Rodney discovering the Sekrit Past of Sheppard and Carter in the most hilarious way possible.

An Unorthodox Solution for Boredom by leupagus - Rodney keeps getting distracted. With hilarious results.

Best Somethings by shrift - Post-Quarantine, in which John wonders if he'll be best man and Rodney wonders why no one told him he was dating Sheppard.

Class:Insecta by cupidsbow - AU from Conversion. I didn't expect how complicated and interesting such a simple change could make this world, but it's a fascinating idea all around. And no, I hate to go into more detail because it'll be close to a spoiler, so. Seriously. Nice.

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Hey darlin', Happy Birthday!

Thank you!

I got your card last nigh! *hugS*

Yay! I was hoping it would get there on time.

*does dorky dance of squee*

Thank you; that's such a flattering review. It's made my morning.

*g* It totally went not where I expected, and I love when that happens pleasantly. *happy*

Where did you expect it to go? I love speculation about bug!John.

From the beginning, I worried it would go the bitter/angsty route, but it was wonderful to see John sort of zen, accept, work it into his head, and move on, then late *use it* when he had to. I liked that its' very John to do all those thigns (including repress *g*) and it just flowed perfectly.

Okay, I really wasn't fishing for compliments about my story when I asked that question, but I gotta say, you give great compliments! :)

I can understand why you had that worry, given the premise, but aesc wanted angst with a happy ending, and that tends to be what I love to write anyway, so it was a perfect match.

What I want to know now is how many times John subtly changed canon events because of his supersenses. Even without doing anything overt, I bet he did lots of little things differently. I'm terrible at writing sequels, but if I ever get time, I think this John is one I'll revisit -- there's still so much to discover.

I was actually curious about it too, especially in canon events that his senses would have come in very handy--are they different? How different? Especially, especially Common Ground, but a couple of others that wandered through my head. There are a lot of ways to be canon compliant and still have those changes, so I'd be rather fascinated to see where you went with it.

No pressure, of course. *g* It's a fantastic fic and works so well I kind of want to look at the eps and see if he's subtly using his superpowers.

Oh, I agree, it works pretty well with canon -- they are my favourite kind of AUs actually, because you can secretly retcon everything as you re-watch. It's like slashing, but with plotty consequences. :)

That said, I do think the interaction with the Genii has changed, for all sorts of reasons in this 'verse.

In fact, I think it's a Genii splinter group that the defectors go off to join -- that's how the Genii know about them. The whole leadership thing went down a little differently in this 'verse. That wasn't quite what I intended to do, of course; "Cowan" was a typo due to me rushing to hit the deadline. But now that I've thought about it... yeah, my subconscious got it right after all. Radim is off fomenting unrest!

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