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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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rec - Si Muovo by kassrachel and sihayab
children of dune - leto 1
Si Muovo by kassrachel and sihayab - total, complete, joyful, utterly unconditional rec rec rec rec. It's all--it's like glee. Like glee in textual format over a very long html document. It's hope. Everything changes. Everything.

I'm going to go, you know, write. This makes me remember how much I love it, and how fun it is, and how huge the universe of fiction really is.

Read this. Now.

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I started it this morning and I had to put it away until I could give it my undivided attention because...it's possible I have a kink I didn't know about. I kinda got more excited than I thought normal over the mention of the collar :P

*nodnodnod* And it's so amazing, so much scope, and so damn *fun*. I just keep going back to smile at it!

OMG FOR SERIOUS. I loved that story so damn hard. Just amazing and beautiful and fantastic.

YES! I want to carry it around with me all the time.

OMG Kodiak! :D I just went to peek (must go to bed, really I must) but ... Kodiak! I love Kodiak. We (the newspaper where I work) own their newspaper; I've been down there several times to fix their computers and stuff. I actually live in Fairbanks, a few hundred miles north, but I love Kodiak and I never, ever thought I'd see it in an SGA fic!

Must sleep now! But thank you for the rec! I'll be off to read it in the morning.

Heee! I know ship isn't your thing, but seriously, it's an amazingly fun story.

I don't really write it (except, of course, when I do), but I do read it -- and I'm quite fond of McShep AUs. :D

Thank you so much for the rec! I cannot tell you how happy it makes me that you dig this story (and hell, if it makes you write more, that's the best damn news I've heard all week.)


Dittoing kassrachel's appreciation! Thanks for the fabu rec!

I'm *still* gleeing out on thsi one. I keep thinking I want to do a longer rec, but I think I'm still too subjectively entranced to pull it off. But seriously, you two did an amazing job with a premise that before now, I'm not sure I'd buy (and now, i dont' even know why I wouldn't believe it, it seems *logical*, so logical and so right and of course, of *course* Rodney sees God in physics).

I'm seriously still kind of winded how breathless I was through it. It had everything, everything I want in a good story and completely surpassed my expectations and God, so much glee. Thankyou both so much for writing it. It's given something wonderful to the fandom.

Thank you!

::grabs kassrachel and twirls in delight!::

It's fantastic. I'm still trying to get objective enough for a longer rec, but I keep just coming back to this total squee-joy place. So few longer fic are so much *fun* to read as well as being good and I got both. So it's still--you know. Really not able to put it into words.

Oh, almost forgot.

I don't know if either of you saw this, but there was some people being awesome about it here too.

*eyes you*

I think maybe I should come and kill you in your sleep, because I just spent the last two and a half hours (mostly, there's this ongoing online scrabble game) READING when I, the girl who's been sick since last friday (the 18th!!) should be SLEEPING.

instead I think I'll just go heap tons of praise on kass and sihaya.

*pokes you real hard for making me lose sleep.*

*smirks* McShep is excellent for mental health! Excellent, I say!

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