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i feel the need to preface with this with a warning of my musical choices

So I'm listening to Because of You duet of Reba McEntire and Kelly Clarkson and eating chocolate.

DVD Commentaries--this was part of my New Year's resolution. So what would you like to see? I really don't have a preference, I'll just roll through suggestions and do--okay, promise two, with an additional third one depending on if the cute guy talks to me tomorrow.

Fifteen. I told you.

So--try to keep within my last three years of fic and go wild. I've done ones for The Atlantis Project, Sleep While I Drive, and Stories Out of Childhood, and Flight (My Badfic DVD Commentary. Ritual Personal Humilation is so much fun. Who knew?)

Okay. I'm ready.

This is ridiculous, but I always wondered what it would like to do a commentary on a story I wrote while they did one on the same story without seeing each other's; just to see what they got out of it and what I put into it and see where they match. Then put it in *one file*. I know, I have no idea how that would work, but it sounds fascinating.
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