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it is pre-nine am and i am still in a good mood

Courtesy of amireal:

But, when that quality carbide ball touched the surface of the paper, it was not ink that came out. From a distance I heard the screams of men and the cackling of innumerable ravens. I stopped, cold and sweating profusely. I looked down at the Bic Crystal black medium ballpoint pen which I held in my hand, only to see darkness. I dashed it against the wall, recoiling in horror....

The greatest review for a Bic pen in the history of mankind, by Matthew Balousek. Read all of it

No, seriously. Read this.

Um. I also take back the thing about fandom being boring recently. Apparently, I must only say (jokingly!) of our less-than-stellar-comparisons to snark and boom, two in a day, two different fandoms, neither one of them mine (though a third, OTW, might be considered a fandom y/y?)

I'm going to go pretend to be productive now.
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