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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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okay, we totally lose for life
children of dune - leto 1
Anyone else on stupid_free and sf_drama?

Because seriously, fandom is officially the most mundane place on the internet when we can't do shit like this.

People? Take notes. This is awesome. This is--the pinnacle of what the snark/wank communities should be. This is beautiful.

*reading, enchanted*

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...Oh my God it's like a whole world just opened up to me. @_@

*wipes tear* I found the snark comms in November and realized my life had no meaning before.

It's so beautiful. I am so glad I am here to see this moment.

(Deleted comment)
Should I pre-emptively come out on your side or instantly turn against you? Ooh, the possibilities.

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(Deleted comment)
Tell you a secret, I used to be fairly Big Shit in the CF Communities. Then, one day I committed the most heinous of sins and...and... changed my mind. I had a moment of clarity and stepped back after an episode of Le Grande Wank and went. "Huh. Wow. These people are utterly bug-shit insane. My association has by extension affected my own sanity...mayhap I should consider this little love affair with a little more clarity."

I did, and lo! I discovered that it was time to cut my losses and run for them thar hills, and ever after, I have managed to keep my ass from getting lit on fire by the flames of the butthurt. Watching this? reminds me of all the reasons I cut my losses and fled.

I seriously never knew some of these communities existed before I started reading s-f.

And can I say I love the evolution of the use of butthurt? I am trying to add it to my active vocabulary as quickly as possible.

Ok, I'm now officially afraid to post anything for fear of being mocked.

And I must be on the fringes of fandom because I know not of this wank you speak of. I feel so left out. Teach me, please!

*thoughtful* Which wank?

SF and SFD et al are self-limited to communities and don't, as far as I know, ever come near fandom. Which just makes them funnier.

I dipped a toe in and now I've been sucked into the whirlpool and there's no escape. It's like watching a slap fight with words. It's...it's...beautiful!

Totally a whirlpool of endless snarky joy. It's a snarkorgasm.

how the hell did you come across those coms?!?!

Links from otf_wank on journalfen. It just--went there. In glee.

I just wasted several hours of my life on spent several happy hours following links left and right.

Heee! Yes. THey are like that.

Because seriously, fandom is officially the most mundane place on the internet when we can't do shit like this.

We could do it if we wanted too. We're just usually too busy uniting in the pursuit of porn.

That is true. Mmm. Porn.

seriously, fandom is officially the most mundane place on the internet when we can't do shit like this.

Well, I think now we know what YOUR project is during the WGA strike.

Hee! Thanks for the links- this is beautiful. I especially loved the woman poster who has to 'step away from this', because she's been repeatedly hospitalized for stress related panic attacks and this kind of thing isn't good for her.

And I'm only on PAGE ONE!!

It gets crazier. And spills *everywhere*.

Heh. As you know, I'm a member over at childfree, one of the more moderate cf comms, not that that's saying much (I'm on the fence on the issue, but the wank at childfree is glorious, and not to be missed).

Food_porn and childfree alone seem to be accounting for a massive amount of stupid_free these days.

I'm not sure that reveling in the wank makes me a better person, mind you, but it is fun. (I suspect this may have something to do with my relative lack of conflict avoidance)

I should add.. there is also actual discussion at these comms too. It's like... not all members believe the exact same thing. *ponders*

It's not bad to have comms where everyone has drunk the purple cool-aid, if what you need is support, but sometimes actually seeing different view-points is educational.

Whoa. Fandom is really letting the side down.

There's been almost nothing on fandom_wank that isn't related to the professional side of things. And otf_wank has been doing a fabulous job bringing the funny with -- of all things -- scrapebooking wank.

We must be too busy pr0ning.

God, I know. Our pursuit of the buttseks has totally led us from the path of snark.


Forget the comets; the internet has become an extinction-level event.


It does have that appearance, split across multiple communities of glee.

Oooooh no *shields eyes* If I start clicking the links now I won't be able to get ANYTHING done today. Waaaaah!

Hi, btw! Once in a while I come by to lurk, since I used to devour your Smallville slash fics back in the day when SV didn't suck. Today I decided not to be all awestruck (*snort), but actually say something and maybe even add you to my flist *ponders*

IT is the greatest time waster in the history of civilizatoin.

And thank you! *grins* I hope to see you around more!

Who-dom is having an ongoing wank about the big fic archive now having all fic submissions be moderated (to the extent of inspecting the first few paragraphs for evidence of proofreading and skimming the rest of the fic for assholery on the part of the writer) and someone having been banned for ignoring some warnings or some other damned thing and creating new journals and flocked comms to "fight" the evil mods. I don't know that it's really that exciting (though those of us who actually like quality control for fic we're reading are pleased, and hoping the badfic crowd shift to the new comm out of solidarity). But it's something.

ETA: I'm too lazy to turn up links or anything, but since I hit refresh on my friends list right after posting this comment and had the wank report link pop up, I figured I might as well pass it along.

Edited at 2008-01-23 10:13 pm (UTC)

*glee* You are awesome.

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