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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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rec - a sticky situation by springwoof
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, this is--this is so beautifully awesome.

A Sticky Situation by springwoof, SGA, Keller pov, Sheppard/McKay implied.

I cannot do justice with a description. So here:

"Well, with this situation, think 'industrial adhesive' sticky..."

Industrial. Adhesive.

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Okay, we had this discussion when she originally posted to the Stuck on You challenge, but...what do YOU think Rodney's stuck on?

*wide eyes*

I assumed they fell asleep immediately post-coital.

I suppose it depends on how much they moved--directly after.

Mmm....okay :)

Apparently I (and a few others) are a bit dirtier in our minds.

I though Rodney was giving John a blowjob, and swallowed, and yeah... Wasn't that what all the Rodney mumbling was about? /curious

You are right there with me and we are not alone! I do love that the story is open to interpretation, so it can be whatever you think. It's just...a few of us are interpreting it at a much more sexually graphic level than others (of which I'm totally okay with:)

*g* I just assumed John forgot to pull out.

whee! ::twirls::
thanks for the rec!
I'm delighted you enjoyed it that much

You did a fantastic job on this story. It's always been one of my favorites from the challenge.

I can see you're enjoying it! ::grin:: thanks!

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