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The Toybox

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the universe is good
children of dune - leto 1
Torchwood continues to be awesome.

It's almost--post-coital, isn't it? And I am totally thinking this in a British accent. Totally.


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It's... it's... orgasmic.


Torchwood is brilliant! I'm so excited about the new season. :)

*passes cigarettes around*

And I am totally thinking this in a British accent.

ahaha, thank God I'm not the only one that does that when writing about Torchwood. And if the rest of the season was like last night, I will not be complaining. mmm Torchwood.

It is made of AWESOME.

I'm telling this to everyone!

Doing this in a *Welsh* accent! :-)

Torchwood... was frickin' marvellous!!!

I loved it from the opening montage, blowfish guy driving a car, impatient with the old lady crossing the road, the Torchwood mob stopping to ask her if she'd seen him and then her line... "Bloody Torchwood" I couldn't stop laughing. It makes me giggle even just thinking of it! :-) They are *so* made of win \o/

God there were just *soooooo* many good bits. James Marsters looking gorgeous in his uniform, the gratuitous Star Wars reference, the Cardiff cop (Andy?) being Welsh and sarky, the gunfighter standoff for a second in the bar, the scorching kiss between Jack and Capt John, the fist fight played out to Blur's "Song 2", the gang realising it's much more fun with Jack around, James Marsters looking gorgeous, Jack saying he'd like to resolve the power struggle with 'naked wrestling', the pissing contest over whose time watch was bigger/lasted longer, Capt John wanting there to be a 'team name' (you just *know* he misses the Scooby gang), John Barrowman looking gorgeous in his braces, the '*you* were the wife' lines, the 'you live in a statue, could you *be* more pretentious' line, Ianto's butler tray, Jack *awkwardly* asking Ianto out on a date, Jack's little smirk when Ianto said yes, Capt John calling Ianto *eye candy* (he so is), the 'have you put on weight? are you losing your hair?' lines, Ianto and his marvellous stopwatch smugly counting down until Capt John blows up, Capt John being attracted to... *a poodle*, Jack closing his eyes when Capt John kissed him goodbye, the teaser about Grey(?) whose hand looked like a small child's so I'm guessing Jack's son or daughter, the fabulous teaser for the next episode!

Bits I hated... anything Jack/Gwen, anything Gwen/Rhys... :-)

Goes to watch it for *a third time*!

It rocks like a rocking thing.

And from the trailer afterward, will probably continue to rock. *makes excited noises*

*tickles you under the chin*
Finally *finally* we have a show we can be a teensy bit of you on :D

Torchwood AKA the little death.

Russel T. Davies= the english Whedon

This show ROCKS.

and, it's only my impression, or the script has really improved?

*runs to watch for the...."hell i know" time

It's almost--post-coital, isn't it?

You know, that line popped into my head as I was watching it, and it's just so true. In some ways, this show is better than sex.

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