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children of dune - leto 1
Prince Caspian WHEE! May 16th! May 16th!

Huh. I wonder if I can use the to-do list function in my lj to mark this date.

(Please tell me that actor is above the age of eighteen. I need this to live with myself.)

(Huh. Peter is more attractive than I remember. Hmm.)

(Okay, I will stop watching it now.)

I'm seriously looking forward to Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Eustace was always, always my favorite.

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Prince Caspian? Totally legal.

Thank you God and casting staff wtih souls, because--wow. Pretty. And armed. My two favorite things.

You could create an LJ named "princecaspian", give it the birthdate of May 16th and friend it and turn on birthday notifications.

*thoughtful* I'd feel bad doing that, since it's probably a name someone really Narnia-fannish would like to have.

However, my webpage has this thing with a calendar function on it that I think I can set to send alerts. Hmm.

(Deleted comment)
Yes yes yes. I just--Eustace! Growing up! It's like Edmund, my second favorite: good characters are awesome, but characters who have to *fight* to become good? That's totally where I swoon.


(And omg The Silver Chair with the price and--*flails helplessly* Cannot think that far. Will collapse. Must breathe.)

Love, love, love Eustance. My spouse sent me the link to this the other day, and there was much squeeing in the house. I'm very excited.

The actor is above the age of 18, alas - wait. Ok, that sounds wrong, LOL. I'm fine with the actor being over 18! But Caspian should be much younger than 18, therefore alas.

And yes, Eustace for the Win!

Yes! I loved Edmond best, until Eustace came along. I'm really looking for to Prince Caspian.

Every time I see Dawn Treader I think of Joan D Vinge's sci-fi novel the Snow Queen. :)

Peter's nearly 21, you're safe. But he still looks like the missing member of McFly.

OMG hi-def goodness! eeee! *excitement* I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS SO MUCH.

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. OMG, so excited. And I love Reepicheep.

Oh my goodness, I'd love to go with some Narnia fans to this. J never read the books. Read comic books. Has no clue.

Oh, Peter is a hottie, and it looks like his hair is quite dirty in these shots. He's even cuter with clean hair and in his armor for the battle.

The trailer sort of vaguely implies that Caspian shows up in the ruins of Cair Paravel along with Trumpkin. I hope that's just the editing; I would be sad if that happened. I wouldn't sulk over it, but there would be a tinge of melancholy.

The underground shots were fan-fucking-tastic.

No, it's Eustace Clarence Scrubb

The awesomest awesome that ever graced any Chronicles stories.

Except Bree. I like him, as horses go, he had wit and just the teensy, tinitest bit of snobbery.

Lucy continues to annoy, though. I enjoyed the girl from Silver Chair/Last Battle. I liked Silver Chair in general, except they killed off Caspian's girl. Why do they always have to kill the Mums, I ask?

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