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i'm not worried at all

So I don't wear socks anymore.

Yes, this is an earthshattering revelation, I know. But it's true, and here is something totally unrelated, or so you think.

I lose things a lot.

I have this theory. About socks, loss, and the Conservation of Lost Matter: to wit, we have to lose so many things in a lifetime. Items are rated on some sort of esoteric Sock God scale. So we have socks, pens, keys, books, tonsils, virginity, appendix, what have you. I have this feeling the fact I don't wear socks is directly related to how often I lose my phone, my keys, my shoes, and my purse; now that I have no socks to lose, the loss has to be taken up in some other way.

In other news, first day of class today. I am not stressed at all, even though looking at the syllable might, to a different person, cause a cold sweat of fear. I have no fear.

(Seriously. The syllabus. Gah.)
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