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second verse, same as the first--whee!
sarah connor
The Sarah Connor Chronicles - the glee continues to be epic.

That is all.

John is from 1999; I got my first computer 1998 if I remember correctly. I am now trying to remember the capabilities of Darcy and the changes that he'll have seen. Google I started using regularly in 1999-2000; it had a six week update window in March 2000 when I was tracking the XMMFF archive showing up. I was using IE whatever version.


Cameron--remains awesome. I did like the codicil she had on following orders; not this John Connor, not yet, which makes me wonder what the programmed flip point is. Smart of him, too; fifteen year olds probably shouldn't have absolute command over extremely hot woman-shaped terminators.

Sarah Connor--still awesome. Not quite at Linda Hamilton's utterly kick-ass, why-the-hell-should-I-take-names place, but who does not love a woman with a gun?

Happy. Very, very happy. I like how they're setting this up, and letting them noticeably adapt to the new time. And I love that they've switched timelines again for all intents and purposes; the new timeline has a Sarah Connor who is still alive. Good thing. I keep thinking I need to watch all three movies (avoided the third) and track down each known change to see the shifts.

ETA: Hands up--who suspects Cameron isn't a Terminator model at all, but a John-model? Place your bets now.

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I thought the show was a terrible idea when the announcement was made months ago, but I just caught up with the eps and I am so, so pleased. I couldn't figure out what Summer Glau's role was going to be in this, and I was steeling myself for some cringing girlfriend-person, but no--Rivernator. Awesome.

More, now, please.

God yes. I love how they use the actress for this; she's fantastic. And honestly, I loved River kicking so much ass, so getting her on a new show is made of win. To kick so much ass.

Oooh, that's an interesting thought! That Cameron might be a John-model. Hmmmm.

I'm all for continuing to avoid the 3rd movie, though the evil Terminator in that movie was female (which kinda makes some symmetry for the tv series rescuer Terminator to be female). I'm still disappointed, though, that the third movie didn't include John meeting a crusty old human soldier played by Arnold S who was the model for the original Terminator, which was my own personal possible T3 storyline ... what I can remember of it.

The tv series John doesn't quite measure up to the T2 John, who was my big inappropriate crush for that entire decade. But he's growing on me. And I'm starting to warm to this Sarah, who isn't anywhere near as crazy as T2's Sarah.

Cameron is love. She's fabulous - and the more I see her, the less she reminds me of River. Way to go, Summer!

God, me too. That actor? Yes. Ohsoadorable!

Agreed to all; Sarah's awesome, and it's nice she had a chance to go down a bit from DEFCON DESTROY EVERYTHING IN SIGHT to DEFCOM JUST THE THINGS THAT LOOK DANGEROUS. And she's such a parent. I seriously love that.

I just caught up on both episodes and I am all \o/ \o/ \o/ right now!

Yes yes yes. It's just--all--with the everything!

My glee cannot be rendered textually.

I hadn't seen any promos and I didn't know exactly what to expect. I wouldn't have known it was premiering last night if nestra hadn't said something.


I've somehow managed to go through life without watching the Terminator movies, so at the beginning it was all sort of new and baffling but after tonight's episode I'm in complete *flail* mode. Summer Glau as Cameron kicking ass all over the place is pretty much my new definition of awesome.

Hell yes. Just watching her makes me happy.

I want *vids*. Just vids of her and Sarah kicking ass. That is epic.

this really is everything I was hoping the Bionic Woman would be but it wasn't. :) I so far like the casting choices, the acting, story, and well I'm entertained. :)

*nodnodnod* Yes, exactly. Bionic was just--*sighs*. Disappointing.

I'd seen the pilot but that's it. Now I have to wait for a download. *glares at torrents* But it's good, right? I have high hopes for this show.

Summer. <3<3

I have now seen it and I'm bouncing around like crazy.

I love the show so far. I'm still waiting on the torrent for ep 2 at the moment. But the OMG KICK ASS with GUNS is soooo good. It's just wins it all. Sarah was probably my favorite character in T2 and this lady doesn't quite get the full 'you're all so fucking DEAD!' batshit crazy nothing to lose bit that made Linda Hamilton so so cool when i was 13..She's still got that same level of fire and steel.

That and my chemistry alarms are going off. I find it funny that the strongest piece of it was between Cameron and Sarah. I'm all for the usual m/m slash...but this is the first time femmeslash walked into my head. *laughs*

All in all? Looking forward to more--lots more.

*nod* It's like she lowered her defcon level down for a couple of years, more YOU WILL DIE rather than DIE NOW.

And yes. Cameron just works perfectly with both of them. It's amazing.

Huh. When you say that - you know how Cameron said that John sent her back to the best warrior he ever knew? Maybe he built her for the both of them. *g*

Well, to be fair, she's in a more stable place at the start of the series than at the start of T2. She's not locked up in a maximum-security mental hospital potentially being molested by guards, she's raising her son and he believes her re: the whole end of the world thing (as opposed to in T2 where he's in foster care, she has no contact with him, and even if that were allowed, he thinks she's a nutjob). And she's in a long-term relationship with a boring-but-nice guy who treats her and her child well. Granted, she's also lying like a rug to said guy (and under the circs, lying is by far the wisest course unless she wants to end up back in a padded cell), but all in all she's starting from a much more stable baseline than she was in T2. So I can buy it. Besides, you can have a character sustain that kind of DEFCON level (to steal from Jenn's description) over the course of a 2.5 hour movie, but for an episodic TV show, I think it'd be a bit much.

I adored Linda Hamilton as well, but I'm finding that I'm seeing Headey's Sarah and her Sarah as sort of parallel. Like they're both the "real" Sarah, even though they're played by different actresses. Weird.

Yes! So much squee!

Also, you're right that there is a certain plausibility to Cameron not being a Terminator, I mean, the ones send by the computers all seem to go as adult male models, which probably makes sense for easiest to impersonate authority figures like cops and such, not as young women.

Edited at 2008-01-15 10:28 am (UTC)

I now have the first episode! \o/ Am so looking forward to this *g* Oooh, I may need an icon.

I am so happy with this show. Even my parents, who are notoriously awful when it comes to the more explode-y types of scifi (what, it's a word!) were talking about how amazing it is and how fantastic the actress who plays Cameron is.

I just told them they have to watch firefly already.

But yay! New show that doesn't suck!!

ETA: Hands up--who suspects Cameron isn't a Terminator model at all, but a John-model? Place your bets now.

I've thought that since the Pilot. Might even be specifically designed on a real person future!John knows and loves. Girlfriend (though maybe young for future!John), or daughter?

Working theory in progress. ;)

I was thinking that too, becuase seriously, his older self? Could not have made her and thought "Yes, I will send this *totally unsexy* terminator to my chaste teenage self."


Oh, I believe deep in my soul Future!John and Cameron had a thing going. And I do think they are so going to go there with Present!John. Eventually.

I think what's different about Cameron is that she's a more advanced AI, and is sentient. Because the Terminator sent back to kill the 4 guys? Didn't recognise her. If she was known to them in the future, that would have registered. Also, I think that 4th freedom fighter is gonna pop up again and soon. Why else would they tease him like that?

I also think that FBI guy is on Sarah's side, ever since the robot thing happened in New Mexico. And now he has still-unaged-John to back up the time travel thing.

Also? Summer KICKS ASS. The way she mirrored Babygirl's posture? GENIUS. The fact that she sat there and was fascinated as Babygirl put make-up on her, and that she wore the make-up through the rest of the episode? AWESOME.

I want the fight scenes to not be cut so fast and handheld, tho. I want to be able to see what's happening. *is grumpy*

It took me ages to remember where I kenw Lena Hedley from. DOOD! It's Kitty from the Jason Scott Lee Jungle Book!!!!

Edited at 2008-01-16 04:27 am (UTC)

I saw the pilot a while back, and I can't wait for the new ep.

I just watched part 2 of the pilot, and my squee continues unabated! I really need to rent the movies and watch them again. It's been ages.

Also? Since there doesn't appear to be a nexus for the fandom yet, I figured you probably hadn't seen that hackthis posted fic, so I thought I'd link you.

"Maybe Tomorrow" - Cameron/John, Sarah - G

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