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second verse, same as the first--whee!

The Sarah Connor Chronicles - the glee continues to be epic.

That is all.

John is from 1999; I got my first computer 1998 if I remember correctly. I am now trying to remember the capabilities of Darcy and the changes that he'll have seen. Google I started using regularly in 1999-2000; it had a six week update window in March 2000 when I was tracking the XMMFF archive showing up. I was using IE whatever version.


Cameron--remains awesome. I did like the codicil she had on following orders; not this John Connor, not yet, which makes me wonder what the programmed flip point is. Smart of him, too; fifteen year olds probably shouldn't have absolute command over extremely hot woman-shaped terminators.

Sarah Connor--still awesome. Not quite at Linda Hamilton's utterly kick-ass, why-the-hell-should-I-take-names place, but who does not love a woman with a gun?

Happy. Very, very happy. I like how they're setting this up, and letting them noticeably adapt to the new time. And I love that they've switched timelines again for all intents and purposes; the new timeline has a Sarah Connor who is still alive. Good thing. I keep thinking I need to watch all three movies (avoided the third) and track down each known change to see the shifts.

ETA: Hands up--who suspects Cameron isn't a Terminator model at all, but a John-model? Place your bets now.
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