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the sarah connor chronicles - whee!
sarah connor
So Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Win or win? Here, I'll help and poll on this.

Poll #1120839 Sarah Connor Chronicles - Made of Win?

So how did you like it?

How much awesome can be stuffed into a single show?
I have had a life changing experience. Let me tell you of it.
other I will explain in comments

*is the Bela to your Dominque once more*

Why didn't you have a checkbox so you could check all of them?!

Re: *is the Bela to your Dominque once more*

...if only I had thought of that. If only....


I COULD NOT EVEN STOP GOING SQUEE AND SQUEE AGAIN. I was totally going to do this objective review and then the show started and there was shooting and then everyone was blowing up things and shooting things and happy. So happy.

I really enjoyed that, which surprised me, as I've never seen the Terminator movies. Well, not all the way through, anyway. I mean, like anyone immersed in American pop culture, there are certain clips that I couldn't help but see over the years. But I really liked all three of the main characters. I loved Sarah, so determined and brave; John, such a complete teenager and understandably afraid of his future; and Cameron, who kicked ass. :-D I also liked the FBI guy who's on their trail. Yay!

They were all excellent, though I'm curious about that FBI guy now--very, very curious. *mulls*

But yes, they were all just--utterly wonderful.

Wait, it was actually GOOD?

YES! It was all--*flails*. And with the guns and explosions and the kicking-of-the-ass and just--*flailing*


If you're Canadian, it's repeat-airing on SPACE later this week?


I saw the pilot months ago and have been waiting for more ever since. It is amazing!! (Summer Glau ILU!)

Yes yes yes! I was so glad to see her!

I really enjoyed this show and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next. :)

I never heard about this. What network is it on?

FOX. Picking up in the middle of the Terminator movies, Sarah Connor is on the run with her teenage son, the savior of Mankind. Terminators still keep showing up to kill them, there's an FBI agent who thinks she's crazy and responsible for killing a computer expert on the Skynet defense project...and Summer Glau plays the 'good terminator' there to protect them.

I thought it was excellent! I am wondering if Summer Glau is going to be able to play a character so much like River without constant comparison. And I've already started the countdown to when the first Terminator/Stargate Atlantis crossovers are going to appear. John=John, terminator=replicator.

There had better be one. That's just destiny. Though Supernatural/Sarah Connor would also rock--[Bad username: musesfool"] is like John Winchester/Sarah Connoer and it's just--wow. Yes.

I have not seen it *sobs* The perils of living in the UK. I need to find this!!

Although, man. Most complicated plot twist instituted solely to make sure they didn't have to dig up retro costumes, y/y?

I did wonder when I saw the date at the beginning how they were going to do that. I have to admit, that was pretty neat. And yes, deeply, deeply convoluted.

...plus, seriously, living the sixties and having to be focused on engineering?????

Inventive, and definitely picked up. I was curious to see how they would adapt it to a tv show. Not disappointed at all. *grins and flails*

The score, the atmosphere and yes, Summer Glau kicks as muchly. I LIKE her! I like they idea that they had to send someone back with background in retrotech(for them) in order to hide a time machine, particularly since you can't bring anything with you at all in order to get anywhen with it. Acid trip? yeah, but FUN.

Can't wait to see what's next XD *flails with you a bit more*

I saw the pilot last summer and was blown away - it was just as good the *ahem* fourth or fifth time through. I can't wait for tonight to see where they go from here!

...I wasn't very impressed. It was okay. But just okay.


/lone voice omg

I missed it! My f-list is all atwitter and I missed it! Well, there's always Netflix.