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so the idea had merit, but the execution leaves something to be desired

Okay, this is embarrassing.

So, fannish resolution #4, track my reading and feedback, which seemed an excellent way to make sure I leave feedback because it would be deeply, deeply embarrassing to have a lot with a lot of no-feedbacks on it, you know?

However. While I admit the last week I haven't read much (and was warned RUN FAST AWAY DO NOT LOOK OH MY GOD RUN), seriously, I know I read more than this. I am very disturbed. It would be dishonest to re-read stories I already feedbacked to raise my stats, wouldn't it? Yes, I thought so.

*blank look* Life hard.

Also, I started on teh sixth and I *know* I read at least three or four fic I feedbacked but I have no idea what they are and argh. Argh times two.
Tags: meme: fannish resolutions
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