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for january, its a bit hot


Is it just me, or has Barbie's bust size decreased in circumference? My niece is a Bratz person (shudders), but she has a few, and I was disconcerted to see Barbie may have had a breast reduction.

This is the kind of thing that's ruining our country and leading to the death of the porn industry. Where will girls get unrealistic body expectations if Barbie isn't there to model impossible proportions, where will our underfunded plastic surgeons get the money to buy that yacht they've been saving up for?

I'm worried. I am very, very worried.

Also, I have a picture of my Thanksgiving turkey below the cut!


This turkey is in the traditional Turkey Pan of Five Billion YEars of Use because my sister stole the nice one for her 'casserole'. No bitterness. My pan is far superior, with many years of grueling oven use, leading to that blackened glow of health.

(plz send me a new turkey pan for my birthday w/lipgloss!)
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