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svreview: calling, s2e22

And ye of little faith (yes, I mean, me)....


Oh yeah. See? THIS makes me smile.

Okay, so I no longer look for characters being consistent. That's for REAL television. This is my gay soap opera. I look for CLex.

I found all KINDS of disturbingly fun things going on here.

Let's start with....

Lana. I don't hate her. She and Clark, for the first time in two incredibly long years, actually made me believe that yes, they are in the throes of deep, deep One True Puppy Love. I'm completely shocked. Also pleased, because the cuteness was just damn near epic. Also, the joy of knowing how inevitably bad, bad, bad this will turn out. Put SUCH a smile on my face. Ooh yes. Oh hell yes.

Anyway, not the worst Lana ever in the world. Nicey-nice.

Clark is pretty. Dear God, I forgot over the last two eps, but damn, that new haircut makes him PRETTY. I spent far too much time staring at him in a tux thinking, oooh. Pretty. He and Lex--where HAS this been? I almost forgot how--how GOOD they are when they're buddies and exchanging long looks and being all 'yes, women, fair sex, blah blah blah' whatever, please, Lex, you spoke in code. Come on. The fair sex is a 'mystery' and that's why we find them fascinating? Clark, you DID hear that, right? As Clark = ultimate mystery EVER? That's called, honey, lifetime obsession. Trust me on this one. Lex does it to the point of an art.

I'm reaching, aren't I? I can do that. Because remember, my goggles? Never come off. Ever.

Lex warns Clark of danger from Lionel. Oh no! No subtle prodding. That was different. Lex really HAS compartmentalized very nicely. Over here, buddy/best man/best friend, over there, I'm so going to collect your blood. Because I want to know, dammit. And I'll bet you anything it never even occurs to him that these two objectives just aren't compatiable.

In other, even far more intersting news, watched in a kind of sick and truly joyous delight as Helen walked out after not-accusing Lex of breaking into her lab. First off, I didn't want to believe it, and kind of thought it was Lionel, but well. Not anything near unhappy about how it turned out to be Lex. Because again, it makes for an interesting little bit of thought when you check out what Clark said as his toast, about Helen and Lex, to Lana, but which, if you are, like me, completely detached from anything like reality, you're going, huh, and imagine how well that applies to the boys. Sacrifice anything, huh? Hmm.

Helen and Lex, I have never made a secret of it, doesn't work for me. She was right about what Lex did, but you know? I still resent the fact she made the accusation without evidence to support it. The folder was, however, a killer, but I have to go with Lex when he asked, um, honey, WHY were you searching my books exactly? My more thoughtful question was more, Lex, why did you leave it out where she could find it, when you hid the blood so well?

Because he did leave it out, because this is Lex, and he gives everyone lots of rope that they have the option of hanging themselves with. Which really, screws around with pretty much everything I was thinking and really makes me curious as to what was really going on in Lex's head that day Lex didn't kill a man for her.

Lex was disturbingly calm about the entire thing. He's suspected all along that Helen Knows, that most people have guessed, but it does make everything he's said to her since REALLY suspect. I wonder how much of it was true and how much of it was--not completely. Or again, compartmentalization in extreme.

I've always been a Lex girl, but seriously, I squeed throughout this. Not only to see a very, very good friend thing going on, but also, well, the hugging that just made me squee like a complete idiot. And the fact that all of that hugging and friendship is PERFECTLY SINCERE, and yet he's still following up on those leads. He stole the blood and he stole the file. We all know. If I were to spin this positive for Lex, especially with his warning to Clark, I'd say that just maybe, he was not only collecting information for the Clark shrine, but at least a secondary motive was to make sure whatever was there, he got first, before his dad could use it. This is LEX. He has five motives to get up in the morning. I can buy a few different concurrent ones.

Points to Chloe for rift comment and also for Clark saying they'd work it out. Anvils, but nice ones.

Lionel was scary as usual. I'm skipping details, someone else can fill you in. What really intersted me was the shift in the most interesting characters toward what I like to cheerfully call The Grey Side. Because this IS Smallville and unfortunately, I'm not going to get my apocalypse. Dammit.

Chloe's integrity does stand up well. Clark's an idiot, we all know this, Chloe does too--she's going to have to make the first move here, and she does, very beautifully. However, what Clark doesn't know is what's going to bite him in the ass. Turning in his press badge cut off his access to the Torch as well as the reason why it was suddenly fixed. I mean, he never even ASKED where the money came from when he was puttering around up there last week? Clark, clueless for you would be a step up the food chain.

Anyway, Lionel's pretty veiled offer of a column for The Daily Planet against an investigation of Clark and family was, of couse, shockingly repugnant, even after Chloe was aware that something's chnaged in the Lana and Clark Neverending Quest. I was really impressed, though I did expect as much. Her chat with Clark in the barn later upped the stakes--she wants honesty, he's--not telling. Again, another opportunity to make this less of a blow goes RIGHT on by, and instead, we see Chloe find out in the worst possible way that she's lost. I'm betting she's going to go for it. Lionel's barbed comment about her versus Clark is telling. Anvil. You know, they just aren't that big into subtlety in SV, are they?]

Clark is, I think, re-evaluating his genetic destiny and contemplating his own dark side. Next week, we'll see him play seriously with it. Oh yes.

Walden's dead, the lack of surprise is shocking. The power he had was very cool, though, and what on earth WAS it? Superbeams? Nice fight, nice insanity, and Lex has to wonder now about his body count regarding minions. Of course, this one, he didn't have to kill himself, now did he? Walden threw enough hints about Clark that if Lex doesn't actually know, he's deliberately choosing not to see. And that just makes this far, far too much fun.

I have WAY too many thoughts, all of them squeeing, because, man, I had a BLAST watching this. I did. After The Weeks of Lana, seeing all the characters acting remarkably fun was too cool for words.

Can't wait til next week. Branding! Red K! Betrayal! Or that was the meanest, meanest trailer EVER.

And I'll bet you this entire entry made no sense whatsoever. And I'm okay with that.
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