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More Joy Day - Spread It Like Butter

Thank you to whoever sent the hugging bear virtual gift! That is--God--so adorable.

*sends hugs*

Anyway, according to the Fangirl Calendar (can someone get on making one of those? Wouldn't it be convenient? To always know when our official holidays are?), today is More Joy Day.

One of the interesting things I've noticed about my preparations for More Joy Day are how happy they've made me, just trying to find things I could do for others. It's been a good reminder to myself that I find the most joy in helping other people be happy.

So. Go make someone smile! (I've seen the idea is five people? Somewhere? Five is good. Or one. If they smile really big.) I should, you know, probably get on that myself, right? Hmm. Joy. Joy joy joy. Rapture. That does not involve Tabasco sauce. Spreading joy. You know, this may be harder than I thought.

ETA: Okay, this is joyful, though I'm not the one spreading it. otw_news has a post up called Why I Joined OTW, with links to various board, committee members, and supporters. It's good reading.
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