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so how do you answer?

Having started reading Savage Love, it's now impossible for me to stop, which is how I have learned about many new and interesting things involving honey, household appliances, a high pain threshhold, and how all of those things can go together.

It's fascinating and interestingly informative. And I'll be honest--it answers questions I never thought to ask, mostly due to the fact I never knew they existed. I read each one in a kind of curiosity, wondering what the answer will be this time. (And weirdly, I rarely disagree with him flat out.)

However, there is always a waterloo.


When we don't respond to a question, the reader who sent it thinks, "He/she doesn't care," or "He/she is too busy," or "He/she thought my question wasn't interesting." When the reality may be that he/she has no fucking clue.

I almost think it's someone's duty out there to answer this one:

What would we use to cool the burn should the application of Tabasco sauce to her anus or clit prove to be too much for her to endure?

...yeah. I was--God help me--thinking that milk might do it? I know bread does it for jalapenos, but I just can't see asking your lover to stay still while you run for the Rainbow bread, you know? Tabasco is technically an acid (yes?) so a heavy base might do it? Maybe a good idea is to get the test tubes out and start testing for neutralizing agents?

This concludes Jenn Needs to Get Out More, because I had no idea that tabasco sauce was the new hot thing. Nor, really, did I want to.

ETA: And the suggestions are in!

In order of posting, sort of:

1.) milk - (4) seperis, sociofemme, mamadeb, text_isle (with anecdote!)
2.) cream - (1) sociofemme
3.) dairy (general) - (3) carloton97, niqaeli, janne_d
4.) yoghurt - (7) lehanra, niqaeli, cold_poet, ascetic_hedony, mz_bstone*, grammarwoman, unrund
5.) sour cream - (2) mamadeb, mmmchelle
6.) milk of magnesia - (1) mireille719
7.) alcohol - (2) rishabree, deadlychameleon
8.) toothpaste - (1) toft_froggy
9.) aloe - (1) rogue_planet
10.) menthol - (1) rogue_planet
11.) butter** - (2) adannu, seperis
12.) baby oil (1) - sapote3

*also, an icepack. I'd agree and add vicodin
**Butter shouldn´t be used when it comes to the anus. If it goes into the intestinal track you will get diarrhea which is also the reason why it shouldn´t be used as lube in anal play. -- unrund
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