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Got the new RAM for mine and Mom's computers--I didn't realize hers was only 512K or seriously, I would have fixed this problem a long time ago. So everyone but Child is maxed, and his runs so cleanly now I probably don't need to bother.

Which brings me to this:

Um, does anyone need any RAM by any chance? I have no real understanding of the differences between computers, but we have now a few 512K and two 256K that are kind of mouldering, all from Dell. Should I just donate or does anyone by any chance want to give it a good home? I was thinking the Goodwill computer store (and can I just express my joy that I can finally get rid of some of the stuff I still have lying around here? I hate to throw it away, because it still *works* fine, I just upgraded, but it's--beginning to take over the house and acquire some kind of rudimentary intelligence).

I also have no idea how to read the types, but I think they are all DDR2, for laptop and for desktop.

But seriously. 4G is like--wow. All--smoothly moving and things loading fast and I'm testing this week with some of my heavier programs to see if I can get them to not suck resources like [removed indecent Cruel Intentions reference].

Work is--weird. I really want to post on it, but I have no idea what I'd say other than gape and wonder if this is supposed to be as frightening and inexplicably counterintuitive as it is.

In other news, there is no other news. It's almost sad.
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