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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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a kind of closure: thamiris
children of dune - leto 1
boyan_fraser, best known for being the penultimate asshat of plagiarism (seriously, who ever thought anyone would manage to get that crown pried away from the alltime champion?), has been suspended according to bof in an entry at Fandom Lounge.

From the lovely black bolding, I'd say this is correct.

Thanks very much to bof for all work on this in keeping the information current.

Links to Thamiris

Really should have done this the first time. Link to thamiris's permanent journal and the community that continues to preserve her work and her memory for us all.

Thamiris' LJ
tham_preserved, maintained by acampbell and asimplelyric

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(psst, I think it's bof)

*facepalm* I did not do that.

...I totally did. Hold on adn fixing. Gah.

Fixed! Gah. I have no idea how I did that while staring at the page in another window.

Definitely yay.

I am incredibly glad to hear that LJ understood just how horrible this person was.

It was a very upsetting Friday, but we should try and remember all the good things thamiris brought us :)

(Deleted comment)
His excuse needs to be added to the plagiarist bingo card, variation X: the author made me do it!

That was just a deeply wow.

This is the best bit of news I've read today. And a round of applause to LJ for doing the right thing when asked to.

*nod* I was really pleased too.

Oh, that is good news. Let's hope he never tries such a sick stunt again.

*crosses fingers hopefully*



*sighs in relief* Wow, I had no idea how much this was stressing me out, even though it made me sick to think about, until it was resolved. Yay!

*nod* It was lingering in the back of my mind as well.

Oh, thank goodness! I didn't even know thamiris, apart from admiring her meta & writing tips, but this still made me feel sick when I heard about it. I'm glad it's been sorted out, and that he's been suspended. I hope that he gets banned, too!

(Deleted comment)
Oh. My. God.



What the FUCK? I mean, seriously - seriously, what the fucking FUCK?


...I'm pole-axed. That it would cross someone's mind, for WHATEVER reason, to do this - it just boggles my fucking mind. Good God.

By an odd synchronicity, Tham has been on my mind these past couple of weeks, since I've fallen in love with audiofic as a medium. It struck me that it would be A Good Thing if we could record her stories, and send them out there so that people could listen to them on their iPods. But she's not here to ask permission.

...er, to clarify - I was, of course, boggling about the whole 'Why I shall steal all her words and pretend they are my own, and then make some half-assed posts about being misunderstood' thing. Not the notion of preserving her writing. Um.

Hee! I knew what you meant. And yeah, it's a huge boggle.

Well, thank God for that. His rationalization for why he plagiarized from her made me well and truly sick

That was just insane. I have no words for how utter bizarre he was.

Just wondering, the name boyan_fraser seems scarily familiar to me. I could have swore that was one of the names nightstrider55 used when stealing SG-1 fics and vids. Am I imagining things? Or is this person a multi-fandom ass? The person stealing SG-1 stuff was a girl who identified more as being a guy, I believe.

Also, plagiarism sucks. (duh) It's why I left one fandom and so I tend to get a bit worked up about it. If you want to be creative, be creative in your own right, don't steal from others. If you're not that good, or don't think you're that good, try working on improving your own instead of stealing from others.

*nod* exactly.

It would not surprise me if he had a history of this at all.

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