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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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as an alternative to my navel-gazing....
children of dune - leto 1
...read something GOOD! Far be it from me to continue this advanced navel gazing and bore the population of my friendslist to a standstill. So.


I Want to be Old by dolimir, who impresses me with this very nice view at the inside of Clark's head. Especially nice harkening back to Hourglass, still a beloved, beloved episode. *happy place* And well, Clark and Lex bonding. Love it.

The Good Son by dolimir. Two for two. Yay! Lightly plotted Martha POV futurefic, with an intersting view of how the future develops and how very INTERSTING it can be. Warm fuzzies like, EVERYWHERE.

Greater Than the Sum by emerlin. Oh yeah. Lex and Clark, apart! No! But wait! Things change! Because they have to, dammit. I like how this develops. Maybe it felt a little tiny bit rushed in reconciliation, or maybe I read it waaaay too fast wanting to see them FINALLY TOGETHER, oh yes. Post-Rift happiness. Always a joy.

Best Intentions by joyfulgirl. Third in the SV/Highlander crossover, and one of the few crossovers I've read that uses the concept of one so well. A nice combination of Clark's insecurity about his place in Lex's life and future, with some excellent tension. Poor Clark. All insecure and scared. It also makes me wish I'd watched more Highlander. *sighs* Reruns. I shall find reruns.

Conditioned by Isagel. Hee! Smutty pretty funness, as Lex contemplates how well Clark's trained. I just enjoyed the read.

Rhonda's Story by carlanesses. Oh GOD, yes, it is SO overdue, but finally, Lex's car gets a voice! And apparently, a lot of sex. Dear God. Funny as hell. *lovelovelove* Honey, you have GOT to write more.

Mating Rituals by Kat Reitz and tzigane Two words. Engagement hamster. If that doesn't drive you over there to read RIGHT NOW, nothing else will. Except maybe the promise that you WILL spit something beveragey on something if you're not careful.

Soulquake by rhiannonhero. I'm slightly bitter that I got this IN THE MORNING, when I was RUNNING LATE FOR WORK. So I was late for work to finish it. Oh damn. Next in the Orbiting series and--well, it's being recced ALL over LJ. Just read. Like, nowish.

Okay. Not caught up, but close. I want Hershey's treasures, filled with caramel. And I shall get some. Somehow, dammit. Somehow. *waves fist in air*

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Highlander. Reruns. 4 p.m. and midnight Monday through Friday on TNN.

Yes -- it's all Joy's fault.

LOL. It scares me when I start choosing my television BASED on the fandom I read first.

Of course, Everwood may suck me in yet, so damn. Grrr.

*writes down times*

Oh, yeah. I'm right with you. I watched Highlander a hundred years ago, but joyfulgirl41's series sucked me right.back.in. And now with all the good Everwood fic out there... it's a lost cause really. Don't even bother to fight it.

I think I had read all of your and Debchan's fic before I ever even *saw* an episode of Smallville.

I wonder if there's a 12-step for Fandom... ?

check your tv guide for the times on TNN, or as they will soon call it, Spike TV *darn it! every time I hear that name I keep thinking they're going to show all Xander/Spike smut all the time*

re:Best Intentions by joyfulgirl. Third in the SV/Highlander crossover *snip* It also makes me wish I'd watched more Highlander. *sighs* Reruns. I shall find reruns.


A channel of Xander/Spike smut. God. *breathless*

Thank you for the recs, hon. Wow! You totally made my day seeing them.

And based on your recommendation, I read "Greater Than the Sum." This was her first story. *sobbing* She's very, very good!

So was "Soul Quake." This fandom has some very, very good writers in it! Yes, there is some dreck too, but when it's good, it's fantastic!

And your next story is coming out when? *looking expectant!*


Greater Than the Sum worked for me nicely. I was all fuzzy afterward, very odd.

Um...next year? *looks at WiP list* You ever notice that if you look at it too long, it starts talking to you?

Or maybe that's just me....

Thanks for recing 'Conditioned', jenn. Coming from you, that means a lot to me. I will now spend the rest of today in a happy daze, convinced that maybe I'm not such a bad writer, after all. *g*

NOT bad. *pokes* Write more. Please?


Oh, I am. Since the minute I entered the fandom, my muses won't shut up. I've never written so much in so short a time. I blame it all on Lex, who is obviously working some sort of sex-god voodoo on me. Not that I'm actually complaining. *g*

If you're interested, I do have two other minor fics up in the archives, one on SSA and one on Level Three (because Helex in the foreground, only hints of Clex). Hopefully, there will be more very soon.

You always have the best recs.
Though, I could have lived without the "engagement hamster" images. I used to read "Sith Academy", and, really, romance does not equal hamsters.

Everyone NEEDS a good engagement hamster. I think I should shop for one myself. A cute one. *nodnodnod*

Have you ever had a hamser? I did. Three times. The romance is dead. ;)

Happy happy joy joy, Jenn likes Rhonda!

Honey, you have GOT to write more.

Working on it. Continually diverted by other projects that take up much more time and bear much less fruit.

But feedback always inspires one. Oh yes.

*bravely grabs fic bunny at random from pile and starts typing*

Re: Happy happy joy joy, Jenn likes Rhonda!

*looks at pile of bunnies*

*looks at carlanesses

That's QUITE the pile of bunnies there. *grins* Are they breeding?

Re: Happy happy joy joy, Jenn likes Rhonda!

Are they breeding?

Violently. There's fur and blood and sentence splices everywhere.

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