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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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this shouldn't be difficult, should it?
children of dune - leto 1
I feel I need to do resolutions of some kind. Something difficult and uncomfortable, which returns to this idea that resolutions are supposed to be unpleasant things, that one must gird themselves to do.

...I don't know. I do many unpleasant things already; adding more seems counterproductive to my zen. But all the pleasant things I'll do anyway, which leaves a sad list of resolutions. Seriously. Resolution one; write more porn.

So I give up. Anyone, ten fannish things I should do this year. Or two. Or one even. Something I can put a checkmark beside and look upon in satisfaction. And does not involve reorganizing my tag list, because really. That's just getting disturbing.


1.) Leave more feedback. - boniblithe
2.) Rec weekly. - apetslife
3.) Write something in a trope outside my comfort zone. Bonus points if its something I hate. - monanotlisa
4.) Track my leaving feedback versus number of stories I read to find out what proportion of fic I feedback and why/why not. Possibly do it publicly. - siegeofangels
5.) Finish WIPS
a.) Finish Teachers Pet. -- tx_tart
b.) Finish Strangerverse -- zoniduck
c.) Finish The Atlantis Project -- ainsley
d.) Finish (or add to) The Rain Gods -- tonicollins and soul_cake_duck
e.) Finish Crimes Against Humanity -- added 1/15/2008

6.) Do that Somewhere story already. -- svmadelyn (SEE?)
7.) Finish that cowrite with amireal
8.) Do DVD commentaries. -- grammarwoman
9.) Do a podfic. (really? Huh. How?) -- aurora_84
10.) Comment on my flists' posts. -- added 1/15/2008

Pick a WiP! Any WiP! Or have it pick you!

*groans and climbs under the pillows* They hate me!

Ooh, good one. I thought it unofficially, but now it shall be offical.

1.) Leave more feedback.

How about, make at least one rec a month in your LJ, of a story you've read and enjoyed? I LOVE it when people on my friendslist rec stories, because oftentimes I've missed them or otherwise wouldn't know about them. And it brings the authors more readers, too!

I usually do! For some reason I lost the habit of reccing the last couple of months; yeah, no idea why. Well, I was also reading less. Hmm

2.) Rec weekly.

Finish watching Farscape and begin to write wonderful Jenn-esque fic for me me me me me!

Oh, wait- I'm meant to be asking for something to benefit your fannish soul... Nah. Watch Farscape.

*bites lip* I do need to finish Farscape. *mulls*





(Deleted comment)
1.) I have no idea what I could do in genderfuckery. Seriously. It's all been done better before. Hmm.

2.) Ha, no. I'll do long recs with mixed things inside, but not concrit. That way lies madness. Unless I make a sockpuppet for it. Which would be--actually, not a bad idea.

3.) Such as? *curious*

(Deleted comment)
Dang, I was going to say "Leave 1,000 pieces of feedback," because I was considering doing that--it'd be doable, in a year--but I'm just going to admit now that it probably won't happen.

Instead: Write one story in a style you've never written in.

I think I leave around 200 a year or so, if I'm right. However, this suddenly inspires me to track it.

Ooh. I could track my feedback and see what proportion it is to read stories, and why I leave feedback for some and not others.

...I could make a spreadsheet.

(Deleted comment)
I can send you the working version of the next story; I really don't knwo when it will get done, since the one directly before it is being cowritten, and teh one right after it is done and basically waiting for these two.

That work? Email me at jenn at thegateway dot net and I can add you to the googledoc version that is up.

I was going to point and laugh at the Teacher's Pet request, but... :)

Write characters you don't ever or only write rarely. Pick a POV far from your usual choices.

*sulking* It's not my fault. I keep getting freaked out by puberty so badly. It's so--gah. In public! ACCELERATED PUBERTY IN PUBLIC and with everyone watching and knowing all your medical details! That's like teh darkest dark of voyeurism, in a deeply uncomfortable way. I freeze up every time.

Fannish-wise? I'd personally love to see more DVD-style commentary of your fic, or your analyses of others' fic. I love hearing what goes into writing a story, and the hindsight of what might have worked better or gone differently.

Hmm. I can do that. Number eight on the list.

Anything in particular you'd like to see?

You could try to make a vid! Or do podfic. Something with another medium than text.

(Also: more assassin!John and/or the 'Midwinter' sequel.)

Number Nine! Podfic. I have no idea how to go about that.

Remember awesome? That fic we almost finished working out? With the REALLY AWESOME COUP? Yes. That one. *bats lashes*

God, I would do almost anything for more Stranger fic. I just reread everything you've posted so far in that 'verse, and I'm still completely in love with it. Do you have any more in the works, or is it another WIP that's just hopelessly stuck?

Beyond that, how about... Collaborate on something with someone you've never worked with before.

*blinks* Um. Well, no, ti's not stuck. It's a complex neurosis that is embarrassing to explain, but--I can be petty? So I stopped writing it.

Huh. Okay. Wip Strangerverse. Adding it.

I'd just like to second the battle cry for #5!

*smooshes Kid!John and feeds him candy*

*crosses fingers* I really want to.

Oh! Finish the Atlantis Project AU! You said you had another part left in you, but it's still in you. It's kinda hard to read when it's there.

Got it added! That's 4C.