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this shouldn't be difficult, should it?

I feel I need to do resolutions of some kind. Something difficult and uncomfortable, which returns to this idea that resolutions are supposed to be unpleasant things, that one must gird themselves to do.

...I don't know. I do many unpleasant things already; adding more seems counterproductive to my zen. But all the pleasant things I'll do anyway, which leaves a sad list of resolutions. Seriously. Resolution one; write more porn.

So I give up. Anyone, ten fannish things I should do this year. Or two. Or one even. Something I can put a checkmark beside and look upon in satisfaction. And does not involve reorganizing my tag list, because really. That's just getting disturbing.


1.) Leave more feedback. - boniblithe
2.) Rec weekly. - apetslife
3.) Write something in a trope outside my comfort zone. Bonus points if its something I hate. - monanotlisa
4.) Track my leaving feedback versus number of stories I read to find out what proportion of fic I feedback and why/why not. Possibly do it publicly. - siegeofangels
5.) Finish WIPS
a.) Finish Teachers Pet. -- tx_tart
b.) Finish Strangerverse -- zoniduck
c.) Finish The Atlantis Project -- ainsley
d.) Finish (or add to) The Rain Gods -- tonicollins and soul_cake_duck
e.) Finish Crimes Against Humanity -- added 1/15/2008

6.) Do that Somewhere story already. -- svmadelyn (SEE?)
7.) Finish that cowrite with amireal
8.) Do DVD commentaries. -- grammarwoman
9.) Do a podfic. (really? Huh. How?) -- aurora_84
10.) Comment on my flists' posts. -- added 1/15/2008
Tags: meme: fannish resolutions
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