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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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wow, that's pretty damn sick
children of dune - leto 1
Found this on suzvoy and scribblinlenore's ljs:

boyan_fraser (memorize that name folks) is plagiarizing Thamiris in stories, posts, and comments.

...wow. It takes a distinct lack of basic decency to try something like that. And not what I would call the cream of the intelligence crop, considering, hey, Thamiris. Not exactly a non-recognizable source.

ETA: Plagiarizing fiction, plagiarizing livejournal entries, plagiarizing comments, and naming his livejournal after hers. Yes, I would like to state, this is a first for me to see, when someone plagiarizes another person's life.

There are links in fandom-lounge, should you be so moved as to wish to express your displeasure.

I can't believe he's plagiarizing her LJ entries. God, how low can you go?

I thought it was sick when someone plagiarized one of the stories written by an old friend in SW fandom who now has Alzheimer's.

Comments. He's plagiarizing comments. I mean...the hell?

What the fucking fuck?

I mean, plagiarising stories is bad enough, but plagiarising someone's life??!!???!!!!!!1! Sick...very sick...

That's horrible. And wrong. And seriously icky. WTF?

He's taking being a plagiarizing scumbag to a whole new level.

This is amazingly upsetting. I cannot imagine the type of scum who would stoop to such acts. There aren't words to describe my disgust.

It's just so horribly ghoulish and sad.

Later, when I have time, I think I'll go reread some of Tham's cheerfully pornographic and blasphemous stuff.

I left a comment on the twat's LJ that might have been billowing smoke. This is beyond icky and sick.

This is disgusting. Flat out.

I cannot describe how utterly sickened I am over this.

There simply are no words.

It is beyond me that it would even occur to someone to do this! I'm mind boggled, that's what I am...

It always puzzles me when people think they can get away with plagiarizing recognisable people. I mean...DUH.

And this is...disturbing.

I didn't know Thamiris, but I don't think that stops me feeling aghast that someone could even begin to think of stealing her words, her journal, her comments in this way. It defies belief, and that's a state of mind I thought that several years on the internet had beaten out of me. Dear Lord.

Man, this is so surreal, I'm wondering if it's not some sort of sociological experiment, instead of a sincere attempt at either malicious intent or overwhelming stupidity.

I mean.

It's too thorough, somehow.

But what kind of "experiment" is this supposed to be to repost the LJ of a dead person and claiming it like a ghoul? I mean, it's definitely planned from the start, what with the first entry being an almost exact copy of her first, the second too, and every entry I looked at.

I'm not sure the person wrote a single original thing. I just checked back to their first entries last summer, and even those are already Tham's: here - his ; his - here

it'd be really bizarre if it weren' so sad....

There's actually plagiarism of other people's comments just to be able to reuse thamiris' replies. I think that's the first time I've seen a plagiarist just c&p old commentthreads instead of at least creating sockpuppets to fake popularity.