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awake, but barely

I feel so unmotivated. Breathing regularly seems like too much effort to expend. I was vaguely surfing home accounting programs (so as to begin the Jenn Goes to Space Camp and Kidnaps Svmadelyn So As To Have Company Fund) and lost interest five seconds into the trial of Microsoft Money.

Too lazy to type in memorized account numbers. I totally win.

Speaking of--I know some of you use programs for budgeting and what-not. I was looking at Quicken and Microsoft--any recommendations? *hopeful* Currently I'm keeping everything on an inefficient and bewildering variety of spreadsheets, but I would like to state that is not helping me budget. Losing my credit cards? That helped me budget until I accidentally found them again.

Also, Happy New Year! And thank you to Anonymous and ivorygates for the lj-gift thingies! THEY ARE SO CUTE!

In summation: gar. New job starts tomorrow. Should consider doing laundry. And finding my bra.
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