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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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i am an exciting friday night person
children of dune - leto 1
I'm reorganizing, consolidating, and deleting lj tags.

....I am getting the sense I have been going through some kind of transitional tagging personality renaissance in the last year or so. Witness.

1.) a very special kind of crazy
2.) youtube will take your soul
3.) the smell of crazy in the morning
4.) the slow creep of insanity
5.) the eternal darkness of sloths
6.) stupidity is not a god given right

The worst part is, I'm deeply tempted to rename all of my tags to something completely weird and utterly unable to be easily remembered.

...send help.

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You say this like there is somthing WRONG with these tags. Although I believe I would like them even better as entries for the mood settings. The smell fo crazy in the morning would be a default for me.

Ooh, they would make *fantastic* moods.

I have the urge to use tags like:

God why do you test me, I don't even believe in you.


I'm a D20 away from charging your ass.

*bites lip*

I would love to see the entries those go to.

*G* They're entries of darkness and mayhem I tell you. DARKNESS.

I love it when you post about tagging. It makes me feel like less of a freak because I reorganised my tags just yesterday. I wish LJ memories were more user-friendly. Del.icio.us is actually bad for my health.

I totally own my obsession. It is an awesome obsession.

I am so behind with my tags - I have been bookmarking so many stories without giving them any tags at all. It's a total messy disaster over there at del.icio.us/djinanna, I tell you. Ugly. Very ugly.

On the other hand, I spent most of today reorganizing my icon folder on my hard-drive. I have so many unfinished and/or unsatisfactory icons hanging out there. *sob* I really need to get something more sophistocated than Paint to make/edit my icons with....

Ooh. Reorganzing! YAY!

Heh, those seem fine to me, but I hope you didn't change your fic tags again, because last time you did, I lost a bunch of links on my rec pages. *grumble*

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