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on the order of harrassing calls

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So last night, I got a hangup call from Statewide Appea on Caller ID. Huh, I said, to myself, because talking to myself is a lot of fun. Why do I not recognize this number? Since I know the main lines to appeals. Since I work in the same agency. Long story short, I checked to see if this *was* a state affiliate. It wasn't, etc, now to the point.

For anyone who gets weird calls, collection calls, hangup calls, this might be a very good resource to track down who/what, or at least, that it exists. It also pointed me to the fact that at least two cards I hold are with people who have a very bad habit of calling constantly in the mistaken belief you owe them money well after pay off. Huh.

Vaguely related to this, because this site is my new place to boggle (claming you work for the Federal government? Oh Collection Agency of Stupidity, not a good idea), ran across this:

Harassing Calls from Debt Collectors - What You Need to Know

Federal Site:
Fair Debt Collection with a list of rights of customers. It also recommends checking out your state's specific guidelines on harassing calls from collection agencies, since some are more restrictive or less so than those listed here.
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