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apology meme 2007
children of dune - leto 1
Hmm. The apology meme--that I have not done in a while. And I am bored. Very. Very. Bored.


How I Have Abused My Characters And Liked It, and Now I'm Almost Sorry

To John:

I could be sorry I mutilated and tortured you for--Jesus, six weeks? Huh--but I'm going to say, that's not the worst. There was also the other time you were mutilated and tortured, but that time it ended really well. Kind of. And what about the time you were sacrificed to an Elder God? Now that was the worst, don't you think?

There was that drugged threesome thing, but that was fun, right? And the girl thing, and that tiny little traumatic goes crazy thing, but speaking practically, you have had the most sex ever of any character I have every written: there was Teyla, Lorne, Rod, Dean (DEAN!), and maybe hinted you had Cameron against the wall a time or two. And there was lots of sex with Rodney. You can't possibly have complaints.

So. Stastically speaking:
1. Number of times killed: 2
2. Number of times tortured: 2
3. Number of times sacrficed to the gods: 2
4. Number of different people laid: 6
5. Number of people you killed: ...a lot, apparently

To Rodney:


Well. You were never mutilated, sacrificed, tortured, killed, or otherwise physically harmed. And you'd really think that would be enough, wouldn't you?

So maybe here and here you watched your best friend being tortured and perhaps went a little nuts. And you watched him die here, but to be fair, you were kind of responsible for the destruction of all mankind there, so seriously. You discovered you are solely responsible for destroying his marriage and his heterosexuality here. Er. Almost froze to death here. Um. And here. Heh. Who saw that coming?

Probably wasn't kosher to screw with your Mensa!self, but I had fun and you should have too. Eventually. It ended well, right? Right.

And I'm guessing it wasn't all that much fun to chase John around Atlantis during a psychotic break. But we all have our crosses to bear.

But. You got to torture Zelenka and steal a spaceship, become a god (WITH JOHN! WHEE!), knock up a hot pilot, nail both Teyla and John, and have sex in a men's bathroom. As one does. When one is high. And hey, happy marriage with hot pilot. Made of win, yes?

1. Number of times killed: 0
2. Number of times tortured: 0
3. Number of time watched John being tortured: 2
4. Number of different people laid: 3 (two different variations of John!)
5. Number of people you killed: huh. several. I'm surprised.

To Lorne:

I have no apologies. Except for the break up with John, your year was awesome.

Okay, except getting kidnapped by the Wraith. Yeah. Sorry about that.

To Lex:

...I will seriously fix this someday. Mostly because I'm afraid of svmadelyn.

To Dean:

...right. Ended your world and tried to bring on an apocalypse, sorta made you watch some human sacrifices, maybe separated you from your brother. But you got laid, and also got to play with C-4. Tell me it wasn't worth it.

To Cthulhu:

Did you really think you would win? Seriously?

Okay, that was much more fun. May add more later as I remember more.

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can I love that your biggest apology list is for John? because I do. *grins*

*facepalm* I didn't realize until I wrote it that John = physical torture and Rodney = emotional torture.

....I am so going to hell.

Shouldn't that be: To Clark?

Because really, who even cares if *Lex* is happy. Lex is just lucky that he could possibly someday make *Clark* happy again. I would be happy if Lex drowned repeatedly in the ocean of the misery he caused.

*raises eyebrow*

Lex's suffering is just as valid.

And I'm pretty sure...

...Cthulhu always thinks he/she/it will win. Elder god thing, doncha know. ;)

Re: And I'm pretty sure...

Point. *thoughtful* But still. John Sheppard.

Best unintentional rec list ever.

But - Lorne - but -!!!

You chopped off his hand! (Crimes...)

And Rodney got to kill a lot more than "several" people - I'm not even sure how many he killed to end up on prison!Atlantis. (again, Crimes...)

Has read other comments - was it really over a year ago? How time flies! How time ... smishes into one big pile-up of things without any distinction of when/where they occurred. When you (you generic, in this case actually meaning I) get old, that is.

Anyway, what I'm babbling about here is Lorne's hand. Which I didn't remember had been chopped off over a year ago. And really, he can't complain, you did grow it back again. (Should I not have said that? Is that a spoiler? More, that is, than all the rest of the apology....)

Oh God, if i made this a meme and filled it out... the things I've done to Mulder, Scully, baby William, Lex, and Clark... (well, not Clark so much, but the rest; jeezum!)

talk about going to HELL!!!
*puts this one in reserve*

*nods, wide eyed* I just did this year; I'm not sure I can face the other horrors.

You're a cruel, cruel woman... and I wish more authors will pick up and do this meme! *spent four hours reading and re-reading your fic tonight, instead of sleeping*

Hee! It is deeply, deeply fun.

LOL! svmadelyn, you're my hero for not letting Seperis forget about this excruciating hanging plot-line. Concerning everything you said about Lex... The part of me that is outraged agrees with everything you said about how Lex deserves to drown in an ocean of toture, pain and misery... but the truth is that I STILL love the guy, and I want him to find happiness in the end... AFTER he somehow manages to atone for what he did and find some brillaint, creative way to win Clark's trust again.

I know it's quite tall order, and I don't see how Lex can ever bring Clark to ever trust him again. Clark would be able to forgive Lex, because he's a lovely generous, loving person who is incapable of hanging onto hatred. BUT trusting Lex again! That is a completely separate matter, and I know that Seperis is going to have Lex pull off something really special and spectacular to get Clark to believe that Lex would never, EVER cheat on him again. I can't wait to find out what it is.

Like I mentioned, despite his despicable mistakes (three times over), I still love the stupid man. And I know that Lex will simply not be able to survive Clark leaving him. He will either kill himself on the day Clark walks out, or he'll spend six months poisoning himself by binging on alcohol every night before his liver finally gives out and grants him a slow, painful, humiliating death... OR he'll just have a breakdown and be sent off the Belle Reeve in a straitjacket after he's caught committing a serial killing spree trying to prove to Clark that he'll kill every woman in Metropolis before touching any of them any other way.

heh, I have a sick twisted imagination, and it's been running overtime trying to imagine all the ways that this fic could branch out :P It's a pity that NONE of my imaginings will ever compare to YOUR plans for this fic, Seperis. I look forward to the day you return to this story to close it off. Good luck and Best Regards.

Please fix Lex an Clark. I remember how ruined it is at random moments of my days and nights and it always leaves me breathless and crushed. It's powerful, and probably more real that everything ends in a mess, but I like Lex even when he's a cheating manwhore and I'd really appreciate some kind of anti-rift healing and renewal of the epic clexian love. If that counts for anything.

*pets physically!tortured!John and mentally!tortured!Rodney* You sure put them through a lot of trauma this year. :D

Number of people you killed: huh. several. I'm surprised.
He (and John) also destroyed at least one planet in 'Eighteenish'.

To Lex:

...I will seriously fix this someday. Mostly because I'm afraid of svmadelyn.

Go svmadelyn, although I agree that it should totally be to Clark. Hmph. Cause seriously, scarred for life here. Which I realize sounds odd considering all the torturing (poor John!) that's going on elsewhere, but I honestly tend to bail out of that kind of thing early. Heh.

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